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X-Men #18 (1966, March)

August 19, 2012

Now it’s Iceman’s chance to shine. By Lee, Roth, Ayers and Simek, “If Iceman Should Fail!”

If Iceman Should Fail!

They’re relying on Iceman? They’re doomed.

The X-Men are locked in a gondola rising into the air. Magneto rips the school off its foundations, while somehow doing no real damage to it. He decides to put it back – I’m assuming he fixes the pipes and everything while he’s at it – then sees Warren’s parents pull into the driveway, and greets them at the door. He uses the power of – sigh – “magnetic attraction” to hypnotize them.

X-Men #18

Dammit, Stan.

In the hospital, Iceman’s doctor injects him with a new sulfa drug, using a laser-induced hypodermic.

X-Men #18

This cannot possibly be safe.

Xavier manages to break the mental-wave distorter through force of will, then has Beast and Marvel Girl wake Cyclops and Angel (and calls Angel “Jean”). Back at the school, Magneto is building a machine that can create mutants, by analyzing the genes of Warren’s parents. I feel like he could have better models. I mean, they did create Angel, the Worst X-Man. Oh, well, beggars can’t be choosers. I do like how he builds the machine, though.

X-Men #18

This is a cool panel.

I love when Magneto uses his power casually like this, especially when he constructs something quickly with his mind. Xavier mentally calls to Iceman and wakes him up. And we then learn how Magneto escaped the Stranger.

He stole a rocket.

Iceman reaches the school, and falls off his own ice ladder. Magneto begins creating new mutants, when the process suddenly stops. Iceman threw an ice barrier over the bodies of Warren’s sleeping parents, cutting off the “body cell selector” Magneto was using on them. Magneto comes, and Iceman escaped by sliding down the stairs on a sled. Magneto chases after him, and slips into an ice tunnel, and into a big igloo. Before Iceman can escape, the sole opening is sealed of magnetically.

Back in the balloon, Cyclops creates a small hole for the gas to escape. It starts falling, and Marvel Girl slows it telekinetically. They reach the ground and go after Magneto, who holds them off until Xavier tells them to back off. The Stranger shows up, having been contacted by Xavier, and Magneto flees. The X-Men run back into the house and turn off the mutant-making machine. Then Warren’s parents wake up and head down for breakfast. Hurrah.

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    I just wanted to your blog is a very interesting read and I sure as hell hope you continue for a long time. It is a pity no one seems to comment here (hope there is more people reading at last)

    Btw, I am the same Heatth from Tv Tropes, in case you are wondering.

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