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X-Men #23 (1966, August)

August 27, 2012

I have a poll for your favourite original X-Men. Feel free to go vote. Also, any issues or arcs of other Marvel comics you want me to review, I’ll do what I can. But now, by Thomas, Roth, Ayers and Simek, “To Save A City!”

To Save A City!

That is one stupid-looking group of villains.

We pick up where we left off, with Count Nefaria gloating about his plans to steal Washington, DC. He leaves to seal off DC with a force field.

X-Men #23

Who is this guy, a random physicist?

The X-Men show up to talk to a committee about the dome, and say they’re responsible, and demand $100 million in three hours. Then they disappear. The real X-Men are still trying to escape, but can’t, and wish the Professor were in contact with them. He’s apparently building some device, and hasn’t heard what’s going on.

X-Men #23

This is the most relatable Xavier panel ever.

He tries to contact them, and fails. Marvel Girl manages to telekinetically raise Cyclops’s visor enough for him to blast free.

Xavier finally contacts them. They head to Nefaria’s lab, and agree to work for him. He sets the loser villains from last issue to watch them, and they decide to betray him, because none of them have realized yet how stupid they are. Xavier goes to his castle in astral form. Nefaria lets the X-Men through the dome, where they grab the money. They’re attacked by an angry mob, and the villains come to help the X-Men so they can, uh, beat the X-Men. They all get out of the dome, where they start fighting over the briefcase. The X-Men play a game of keep-away with it, which includes Angel once again being defeated by birds.

X-Men #23

Worst. X-Man. Ever.

Eventually, the Unicorn betrays his allies by taking the money for himself. The X-Men chase after him, and he’s shot out of the sky by the army. Another fight breaks out over the briefcase. Marvel Girl flees with it, chased by the other four villains. Someone shows up at Nefaria’s castle, renders his guards unmoving, and continues on. Marvel Girl shows up with the briefcase. While Nefaria’s distracted, the stranger walks in and turns off the dome. The rest of the X-Men show up, and the stranger reveals himself as Xavier, wearing lightweight flexible leg braces powered by transistors, which powered everything in the ’60s. Then he reveals that the briefcase Nefaria stole was an illusion Xavier created with Nefaria’s own machines. The issue ends with Xavier giving Marvel Girl a letter. She says she’ll need to leave the X-Men forever.

This is a fun issue, albeit a bit silly at times, with the bag bouncing around from one person to another. Still, some of the fighting is pretty fun. Even if it is a bit embarrassing for the X-Men to end up in a stalemate with Nefaria’s loser henchmen. Xavier coming in to stop Nefaria by manipulating his machine was interesting. His leg-braces don’t show up often after this. They quickly get dropped, which happened a lot in the ’60s. The issue does end on an intriguing cliffhanger, so it’s got that going for it. All in all, it’s not a bad issue, though it is a forgettable one.

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