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X-Men comics, August 29 2012

August 29, 2012

I didn’t do a review yesterday because I was distracted by the Mass Effect 3 DLC, Leviathan. It was very good, I thought. But now, on to today’s X-Men comics.

Let’s start with New Mutants #48, written by Abnett and Lanning, art by Felix Ruiz. It starts with Doug Ramsey having dreams, first about a group of red-eyed people, then about Karma’s funeral starting without him, and him finding his own grave with some weird tentacle monster in it. He wakes up, and the others are nervous around him. They see Dr. Strange about some weird plan he has to set things right, and return the universe to normal. It doesn’t go well. Doug considers killing himself to make sure his future self never comes into being, but is stopped by the Hellions, brought back through the transmode virus. The New Mutants confront the Hellions, and while the two sides pose, Doug turns into some sort of weird tentacle monster. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Ruiz’s art – I either love it or hate it, I can’t decide. The story itself is pretty simple, but DnA write the characters well.

Next, Uncanny X-Force #30, by Rick Remender and Dave Williams. Sabretooth, Daken and the Shadow King have taken Evan on a road trip to show him the truth, about who he is, and who Fantomex and Wolverine are. Sabretooth and Daken reveal that they’re going to spend the trip killing people, unless Evan kills them first. After they kill his parents, he flips out and attacks them, and nearly kills them, but stops himself. Then they reveal that they didn’t kill his parents, because his parents never existed. The story also touches on the school and on the other members of the current Brotherhood, but those segments are short. It’s a very good issue.

Wolverine and the X-Men #15, by Jason Aaron and Jorge Molina. It was better than Aaron’s usual fare on this title, though I still hate the Kitty/Bobby and Toad/Husk relationships. Molina draws some ugly, overly-made-up women. They’re all drowning in eyeliner, for some reason. The issue is all just preparing to deal with Scott and Emma. Beast, Iron Man, Brand and Iron Fist are working out plans (Broo helps them). All the Utopian kids are being shown around the school. Hope talks first to Wolverine, then Idie. Rachel and Xavier talk. Near the end, there’s a shot of Beast looking at this picture. That was kind of a nice touch, I suppose. Also, Kid Gladiator’s gone, but Warbird’s staying behind. So, better than usual for the title, but still not a title I like. And next issue brings back the Hellfire brats, and Chris Bachalo, who was awesome on Generation X in the ’90s, but awful earlier on this title. So that’s probably one to not buy.

X-Treme X-Men #2, by Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia. The issue starts with the X-Men being told to kneel by the mutant Norse gods or whatever. Logan and the two telepaths obey quickly, Dazzler decides to be difficult, hurt Thor with her little light show, and gets taken down by Emmeline. Later, they’re all taken to amuse Queen Storm. Dazzler has a habit of repeating words that piss her off, which Waran and Draka (Angel and Iceman) find amusing. Dazzler sings a song that moves Storm and causes her to bring rainfall to the drought-suffering land. Storm decides she doesn’t like being moved, and orders her followers to kill the X-Men. Then Charles Xavier and Magneto show up and save them. This title is just all sorts of bad. Dazzler is written in an incredibly annoying manner. She was always a silly character, but here, she’s just downright stupid. Skip it.

And finally, AvX VS #5. First is Hawkeye vs Angel, by Matt Fraction and Lenlil Francis Yu. It sucks. For one thing, Angel flings his feathers, and they’re razor-sharp. Why is this stupid? Because we’ve seen no indication, since Archangel was purged from him in Uncanny X-Force, that he can actually do that. I also feel like Hawkeye should probably be able to beat Angel cleanly, without resorting to threatening Psylocke. Also, Hawkeye didn’t seem to recognize Psylocke. I’m sure they’ve encountered each other at some point over the years, even if I don’t necessarily remember when. Just a badly done fight. Then Jason Aaron and Tom Raney do Black Panther vs. Storm. This one’s a bit better. Black Panther has plans in place to fight Storm, which pisses her off. She tells him he was a horrible husband. The fight is accompanied by the thoughts of both, with each feeling the opposite. It ends with Storm kissing T’Challa, and then punching him. She leaves, and leaves her wedding ring behind. No one wins this one. It’s very dramatic and sad, and well-told.

Before I go, I do want to mention Captain Marvel #3. I won’t go into the story, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, even though the story is really good. Instead, I want to mention the art, by Dexter Soy. Specifically, I want to say, man, that is some gorgeous art. Seriously, Soy is just amazing. It’s practically worth the cost of the issue alone. Add a great female lead character, and a great female writer, and this is definitely a series that deserves to be supported. So support it, people.

Edit: I realized I forgot Gambit #2, by James Asmus and Clay Mann. Gambit is trying to get help from a friend, Fence, to get the weird alien parasite out of his body. It doesn’t work, but Fence does point him to a similar piece in a museum. He breaks into the museum, and fights the girl he met at Mr. Cich’s party. She’s looking for the parasite, and Gambit steals an ancient map off her before she accidentally drops him two stories through a skylight. The cops take him, and he throws them out of the car and steals it. He runs over the mystery woman, and then they agree to become partners so he can get the thing out of his chest. The story’s a little predictable, and the interactions with the woman are forced. It’s not a great series so far.


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