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X-Men #27 (1966, December)

September 7, 2012

For today, by Thomas, Roth, Ayers, and Rosen, “Re-Enter: The Mimic!”

Re-enter: The Mimic!

And looking as stupid as ever.

The issue starts in media res, with the Mimic confronting the X-Men (minus Angel). He beats them all. Then we skip back to the X-Men returning from beating Kukulcan (I’m gonna kinda miss typing that name), with the injured Angel. Cyclops second-guesses if he should still tell Jean how he feels, because characters are never allowed to come out and say how they feel about each other. Xavier tells the others that Angel will recover, but will need rest if he’s ever going to fly again.

We skip over to Jean cheering on Ted Roberts at practice. And Jean really liking him.

X-Men #27

She’s got a crush!

I still say there could’ve been a story there. Still could be. With adult Jean coming back, have her run into Ted, divorced with a kid, and they start dating. Or a flashback series to this era of X-Men, which shows Jean and Ted dating. Probably never happen. They’re walking to get an orange juice (dating in the ’60s seems to have been really lame) and there’s an explosion, with Cal Rankin involved. He regains his memories of the X-Men, and his powers. Jean is sure he has, and a caption in the next panel says you should never doubt a woman’s intuition. Because the ’60s. Next, we see the Puppet Master crafting a puppet of Xavier (having learned about him in Fantastic Four #28). He tries to take over Xavier’s mind . . . and fails. Xavier and the students complete a device to boost Cerebro’s power. Xavier sends out his astral form to get some recruits. He’s turned down by Pietro and Wanda. Wanda has a trained falcon, though, so that’s neat. That might be a fun hobby for her to start indulging in again. Hank and Bobby are out with Zelda and Vera. Hank tries to explain his previous walk-outs on her, and it’s actually a really funny scene.

X-Men #27

Best excuse ever.

Then Spider-Man declines their invitation for him to join the X-Men. Xavier and the others pick up Jean at college, and Cal Rankin joins along. The Puppet Master sees the scene through his scanner, and decides to control Cal. Jean reveals new costumes she designed for everyone, because that was what women did back then, with more blue in them.

X-Men #27

They’re pretty good, actually.

Xavier tells the team that Scott’s stepped down as deputy leader, so Mimic’s taking over. Then Puppet Master takes control of the Mimic, and that’s where the issue started. Mimic runs off, and the X-Men try to find Puppet Master in their helicopter. Warren, against Xavier’s urging, hops in his car to follow them. They fight Puppet Master’s android Defender. Mimic shows up and holds them off, trying to resist the compulsion to kill them. Warren grabs the Mimic puppet and breaks it, freeing him. And while the others praise Warren, Mimic feels sorry for himself.

This is a good issue by the standards of Roy Thomas’s run. Mimic’s a jerk. Scott gets a moment of angsting about his eyebeams, and Jean gets a moment of concern about him. We get hints of a greater threat looming. This will turn out to be Factor Three. It will also turn out to be, um, not great. But that’s for later. Here, the Puppet Master is a decent villain. A bit random, but whatever. Not as silly as the Locust, at least. The civilian moments for all the characters are always nice to see. It was at the heart of classic Marvel, and I do think it’s something the X-Men, in particular, have drifted entirely too far away from.

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  1. Hamburger Time permalink

    Party member get!

    Also, if you want to type “Kukulcan” some more, he popped up again just recently in “Hulk,” so I guess you could review that or something.

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