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X-Men #51 (1968, December)

October 16, 2012

I’ve played way too much Ocarina of Time the past few days. But I’ve beaten it, so now I can set it aside for a while. And now it’s time for “The Devil Had A Daughter!”

The Devil Had A Daughter!

I have no idea what’s going on with that cover, or how it’s supposed to relate to what happens in this issue.

Magneto tells Lorna to side with him, while Iceman tells her Magneto’s a power-mad killer. He wants to fight Magneto, but the others hold him back. Finally, Cyclops decides they may as well go at it, and sucker-punches Magneto. Iceman grabs Lorna to move her to safety and the X-Men fight Magneto’s minions. Cyclops gets a metal helmet slammed on his head, Beast is busy dodging mines, and Iceman is weak from projecting a large ice layer so Marvel Girl has to protect him. Cyclops blasts his way out. Magneto sends a bunch of shrapnel at them. Marvel Girl puts up a telekinetic shield while Cyclops just blasts away. They start to lose, and decide to retreat, but are stopped, and are in serious danger of dying until Cyclops blasts down the whole base. They escape. Scott takes Bobby off the case because he’s too emotionally involved with Lorna, which Scott feels could cause problems. Bobby gets mad and leaves, and Scott reveals that he has a plan. A few days later, Magneto’s base is attacked by a mutant calling himself Erik the Red.

This is just a fight issue, and a pretty good one. The fight’s fairly exciting. There’s also a little bit of characterization, throughout it, which is a plus. Interestingly, the artist of this issue isn’t named, though it’s assumed to be Jim Steranko.

The back-up continues Beast’s origin some more. The Conquistador is watching Hank on a screen. He sends his followers out to test and grab Hank. One of them tries to run him down in a narrow alley, but Hank escapes by jumping up and bouncing off the wall. Some guys try to nab him, but he easily beats them until the Conquistador shows up and tases him. We see Iceman at Hank’s house, which shows signs of a struggle having occurred. He goes back and reports to Xavier, Cyclops and Angel. Back to the Conquistador’s base, where he has Hank’s parents imprisoned, and threatens to kill them if Hank doesn’t cooperate.

One Comment
  1. This cover looks like it belongs to a 50’s B-movie, and it almost looks like the big guy is some cultist who is genetically engineering super soldiers to help spread his cause.

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