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Amazing Adventures #11, 1972 March

November 20, 2012

I wonder if I should do multiple issues at a time of this series. It’s only six issues. I’ll stick to one at a time for now, but I’m open to feedback if you want me to get this over with more quickly. Anyway, today’s story is “The Beast!” By Gerry Conway and Tom Sutton.

The Beast!

He sure is an ugly cuss.

The issue starts with a night guard in some installation, who’s being watched by a furry grey creature. The guard, Bennie, reaches a steel door with a sign saying Genetic Research, Subdivision 12. He uses some little device to melt the lock so the doors open. The creature attacks, kicking him in the face and throwing him around. The guard pulls a gun, and the creature tells him not to fire it. Bennie shoots anyway, and hits. The creature is hurt, but quickly gets back up and hits him again. He sees police outside, and thinks that it wasn’t necessary as he flees. He hears the shooting stop, and thinks that he’s responsible for Bennie getting killed, since the creature’s appearance drove him mad. He goes to another lab, and sees a clock showing 11:30. He discovers the metamophosis is irreversible. He flips out and throws a picture frame. The photo inside shows five familiar faces.

Then we get a flashback of the X-Men, in costume, saying goodbye to the Beast. He’s gotten a job offer from the Brand Corporation. Jean gives him a goodbye kiss, and he gets a rather dumb look on his face. He finally leaves, and goes to the Brand Corporation labs. He’s stunned by it, and stunned again when he meets Linda Donaldson, who’s going to be assisting him. They spend a lot of time together, and fall in love. He continues his research into mutation, and finds the chemical cause of mutation. He rushes off to tell his boss, and overhears another scientist talking on the phone to an “Agent Nine,” about McCoy knowing something, and that a man in security will be acting that night. McCoy returns to his lab, determined to stop it, but figures that his build is hard to hide. He decides to drink the serum to further mutate himself for a short period.

Back in the present, he’s still freaking out a bit, and smashes a wall clock. Which seems . . . reasonable? He goes after the scientist he heard earlier, beating up the guards with him. He gets shot, but heals immediately. He almost kills the scientist, but stops himself at the last moment. Agent Nine comes into the wrecked room, and kills the scientist. Agent Nine is revealed to be Linda Donaldson.

It’s OK. My biggest problem is with the captions. They’re all in the second person, and that’s just never appealed to me. It seemed to be a pretty popular style for the period, from what I noticed. A lot of books did it. Particularly the more horror-themed ones. And it just always struck me as a rather silly conceit. Conway also seemed uninterested in using a thesaurus, so had Hank speak a lot more normally. He did actually lampshade that, though, and justified it as Hank becoming more confident, no longer feeling the need to use the big words. The art was pretty good, I have to say. Simple, but effective. Overall, a fairly middling book.


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