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Amazing Adventures #15 (1972, November)

November 27, 2012

Before I get to today’s story, I’ll quickly summarize Sunfire’s role in Sub-Mariner #54 from October 1972. Namor and Sunfire beat up Dragon-Lord, then destroy his base. Then Sunfire attacks Namor again, but Namor causes him to ram into a bridge. But now, for Amazing Adventures, and “Murder In Mid-Air!”

Murder In Mid-Air!

See the form in the bottom-left? Even when he’s doing a cameo in someone else’s book, Angel is useless.

It starts with Beast showing up injured at Patsy Walker’s place, and passing out. He wakes up, and finds his fur has gone from grey to black. Patsy calls him Hank McCoy, stopping him from running out. Also, she wears high heels and lingerie around her own home. Who does that, outside a porno? Back in Westchester, Warren decides to check out the reports of a Beast at the Brand Corporation.

Beast is on his way home, but gets grabbed by the Griffin, who’s trying to kill him. As they fight, Warren shows up, and Hank start to wonder why Warren isn’t helping, while Warren wonders which he should help, if either. Hank stuns Griffin, and Angel goes in to save him, but Griffin knocks him out. Hank saves him, and the Griffin gets away. Hank and Warren catch a cab, and the mystery woman gets flustered at missing him again.

Linda calls Number One (Number One? Heh heh, what kind of stupid weiner name is that? “Hello, my name is Number One.” Hee hee . . . and so forth.) of the Secret Empire to complain about Mastermind and Quasimodo. Griffin shows up to talk to Number One, and after getting chewed out (justifiably, actually, and it’s funny, to boot) by Linda, he gives his story. Which we don’t care about. Hank goes to see Buzz, and says he took a couple days off work to catch up with Warren. He also says he couldn’t say anything the night before because he’d argued with Warren about a girl, and didn’t want Linda to know. Patsy says she saw them at the restaurant, and Buzz says he has to believe her, but he still seems unconvinced.

Hank and Warren leave, and come under attack again from the Griffin. They fight for a while, but eventually, Beast causes Griffin to drop right onto Angel’s fist. After Warren leaves, Hank goes to return the library books he took, and at the library, the mystery woman finally catches him.

This is actually a pretty good issue. Linda’s indignation at the Griffin showing up, in her office, in broad daylight, was good. The deal made in this issue between Hank and Patsy won’t actually be revealed for 3 years, in Avengers #141, which leads to Patsy becoming a pretty notable superhero.

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