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Amazing Adventures #16 (1973, January)

December 1, 2012

After I finish this, I’ll be starting in on some laundry. Ugh. Today’s story is titled “. . . And the Juggernaut Will Get You . . . If You Don’t Watch Out!” Which seems like an unnecessarily long title, but whatever.

And the Juggernaut Will Get You . . . If You Don't Watch Out!

A Halloween-themed issue. This is going to be really stupid, isn’t it?

The issue starts in Rutland, Vermont. A car is driving along (carrying Len, Gerry, and their ladies), and stops when they see the Beast in the headlights. Hank puts his disguise back on and tells Vera – the mystery girl – that he saw a car. Hank and Vera hitch a ride with the car, and as they’re driving away, the Juggernaut drops out of a portal. He vows revenge, and then gets sucked back into the portal. He hears a voice in his mind telling him he’ll be drawn to Rutland for his revenge. In Rutland, Hank and Vera walk and talk, and Vera apparently needs an expert in mutations to save the world. At the Rutland Halloween parade, the Juggernaut drops back in, rants, and goes back into the portal. Hank chucks his disguise and goes hunting as the Beast. The Juggernaut reappears and chases Beast, and Beast manages to slip away and lose himself at Tom Fagan’s annual party. The Juggernaut chases him there, and Hank runs up to the attic and seems to be cowering in fear when Juggernaut finds him. Then Hank pulls the mask off and attacks again, managing to take Juggernaut’s helmet off. Juggernaut runs away, and when beast captures him, Juggernaut’s old. Apparently, hate was keeping Juggernaut young in the other direction, but when Beast beat him, he became scared, and started to age again.

And that marks the end of the Beast’s time on Amazing Adventures (aside from an origin issue, just a reprint of his origin story from X-Men). It was a middling half-dozen issues. The story with Beast and Vera will be finished over in Incredible Hulk #161. Interesting, this issue is marked as the first crossover between Marvel and DC, though it’s an unofficial one. It ties in with Justice League of America #103.

Anyway, this is a very silly issue. Since when did removing Juggernaut’s helmet actually render him powerless? It only makes him susceptible to psychic attacks. Oh well.

Speaking of Incredible Hulk #141, though, it came out in March, by Steve Englehart and Sal Trapani. The Hulk is rampaging in Canada, which makes it difficult for Hank and Vera to cross. Hank knocks her out, then carries her across the border as the Beast. (Apparently, it’s somewhere between Montreal and Ottawa; the Marvel Wiki says Cornwall is the most likely area, my hometown, though I’m now living in Ottawa.) He slips back into his disguise as Vera wakes up. The Hulk feels himself getting weak, and moves towards whatever’s causing it. Hank and Vera come across an isolated cabin. It turns out Cal Rankin, the Mimic, is there. Apparently, he’s lost control of his mimicking power, and now it’s killing the people he mimics. Hank gets ready to try to help him, when the Hulk crashes in. The Beast fights him, keeping him away from Cal. But Cal decides to get involved, draining gamma radiation from the Hulk to kill himself. He’ll be back. Though, interestingly, not until 1990. He stays dead for a much longer time than one would expect.


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