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Avengers #110-111 (1973, April-May)

December 2, 2012

Now, for a three-part Magneto story. It starts in Avengers #110, by Steve Englehart and Don Heck, continues in Daredevil #99, by Steve Gerber and Sam Kweskin, and finished in Avengers #111.

Avengers #110, from April 1973, starts with Quicksilver contacting the Avengers to tell them he’s in the Great Refuge of the Inhumans, after Crystal and Lockjaw saved him from the Sentinel base, and that he plans on marrying her. He gets angry when Wanda says she loves the Vision, which begins a bit of a character arc where Wanda becomes increasingly bitter towards humanity, as the marriage of a mutant and an android angers some members of the public. But that’s long-term. This issue continues with another communication coming in, showing a house that’s been torn up inside. Then it shows Xavier, yelling at the camera man. The Avengers split up to find the house. They eventually find it. The X-Men are all unconscious inside. The Avengers take them outside, but boulders start flying out of the ground. The assault stops, and Wanda realizes Magneto’s behind it. (As an aside, the Avengers faced Magneto’s Mutates in Avengers #105, but it didn’t really matter.) The Piper calls forth a bunch of dinosaurs, easily defeated, but before the Avengers can hit him, he’s surrounded by boulders. Magneto shows up, wearing Angel’s costume (for a reason they could never suspect, he says – it’s to replenish his fading mutant powers, though we don’t learn that for a while). He defeats the Avengers, and we learn he can apparently control minds now.

Daredevil #99, from May 1973, has Hawkeye and Daredevil fighting over the Black Widow. The Avengers need help to find and stop Magneto, and head to San Francisco to recruit Daredevil. Black Widow goes, too. Hawkeye does not. I have to say, Gerber’s run on Daredevil didn’t do much for me. DD and the Widow didn’t have any real chemistry. They spent most of their time arguing.

Anyway, Avengers #111, also from May, picks up there. Magneto is using his mind-control powers to make Wanda dance for him. he controls minds by controlling the iron in their blood. Which . . . OK, then. Back at Avengers Mansion, Daredevil notices a newspaper article about an Atomic Energy Commission conference. Magneto attacks it with his mind-controlled X-Men and Avengers. The Avengers show up to fight him, but Magneto escapes. He plans to gain access to the US’s atomic power, unleashing it on the populace. He figures the 8% who survive will be mutants. The Avengers return to the X-Mansion, and Daredevil feels the vibrations of a cave. Thor busts their way in, and a fight breaks out. When it seems like Magneto might win after all, Piper knocks him out from behind. Then Vision pops out of Piper, having been dwelling inside him since the fight at the Commission. The awakened X-Men wonder what happened to Angel.

This was a silly arc, overall. Magneto being able to control minds was a stupid development. The X-Men played pretty much no role in the whole thing, which was disappointing. The whole thing is best left forgotten, I think.


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  1. Hamburger Time permalink

    Let it never be said that the Avengers horning in on the X-Men’s corner of the MU is a new phenomenon…

    • Indeed. Though, at the time, the X-Men had no comic of their own. I guess it was only after Claremont made them a huge success that it became unacceptable for the X-Men to cross over with the rest of the Marvel Universe. Even though that period had minis like Fantastic Four vs. X-Men and X-Men vs. Avengers. And that’s also setting aside Claremont’s use of Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew (not to mention Mystique, Rogue, Sabretooth, and other characters who debuted in non-X-Men books).

  2. In X-men #1(1963) Magneto confronts Professor X in astral plane. In others issues in that age he express some telephaty for communication. So he have some telepathy since ever in comics.
    In this issues of Avengers he explains that he improve that power using the iron molecules in bloodstream brains. He blocks the consciusness leaving the bodies in a vegetative state, then he only control the iron in these bodies as he wishes. Is very Star Trek indeed, me’sa i like it!
    Magneto back in that days was the great earth vilain in comics.

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