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Amazing Spider-Man #700

December 27, 2012

I wasn’t sure if I should weigh in on this, since this is an X-Men blog, not a Spider-Man blog. But I figured I may as well.

So, I’m sure everyone’s well aware of what happened in Amazing Spider-Man #700 yesterday. If you haven’t, then there will be spoilers here.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good issue. The back-up stories were really cute, Stan Lee answering questions was nice, the thoughts from others involved in the comic book industry (and a few outside it) were sweet (I wonder if Gail Simone would leave DC if Marvel offered her Spider-Man – might be worth a try). So all that stuff was cool.

The story was pretty good. Spider-Ock outthinking Octo-Man was fun to watch, as Peter became increasingly desperate to get back into his own body. Spider-Ock’s ruthlessness in fighting against Peter was cool. Peter’s frustration in dealing with the supervillains with him was amusing. The climax, with Peter basically forcing Spider-Ock to relive all Peter’s memories, was pretty good. It showed who Spider-man is, the events that shaped up, the tragedies he’s suffered, and the determination that keeps him going. So, it’s a good comic.


Spider-Ock is a would-be rapist. He was clearly trying to sleep with MJ. He was interrupted before he could reach that point, but it was obviously what he was hoping for. (Getting all her favourite things, thinking about how he was about to do something Peter hadn’t done for a long time, and then getting annoyed when she stopped after taking his shirt off. Yeah, he was clearly planning on going all the way with her.) Had they had sex, or if they have sex in the pages of Superior Spider-Man, it’s going to be rape. No getting around that. He’s pretending to be someone he isn’t, and using a woman’s existing emotional attachment to the person he’s pretending to be in order to get her to have sex with him. It would be no different than a man slipping into a woman’s bed at night, pretending to be her husband, and having sex with her. That would be rape. And that’s the situation with Ock and MJ. If he doesn’t explain the situation to her, any romantic or sexual relations between them will be rape. If he does explain the situation, and she goes along with it, then she’s simply a whore and her character will be ruined for a long time. My own hope, of course, is simply that absolutely nothing happens.

Dan Slott said on Twitter that he’d be addressing the creepiness in Superior #2. I’m hoping that issue makes it clear nothing will happen between them. I find myself sceptical, though. My cynical side suspects that something will happen; if not in #2, then later on.

Aside from the rape concerns, it’s not a bad direction, I think. It has some interesting possibilities. It could be a pretty good new status quo, at least for the year or two it lasts before things go back to normal. (I say two years, others say one. We’ll see who’s closer.)


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