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Dazzler #2 (1981, April)

April 30, 2013

DeFalco and Romita, Jr. continue Dazzler’s debut, with “Where Demons Fear To Dwell!”

Where Demons Fear To Dwell!

Interesting to note that no X-Men appear on the cover. A few years later, Wolverine would sometimes be more prominent than the actual star of a book.

Dazzler’s getting ready for her show, and feels bad about her father not approving of her career. We see the Thing and Human Torch getting dressed up to go see her, Kitty reminds the others to hurry up and change, and Wasp, Captain America and the Beast are ready. The club is full of superheroes. Dazzler takes the stage, but the Enchantress is watching, waiting for her chance to take control of the mystical portal that’s about to open. She teleports behind the stage, then uses her magic to make Dazzler age. Dazzler fires her light into a disco ball, stunning the Enchantress and breaking the spell.

The normal people rush out of the club while the superheroes slip into the men’s room to get changed. Peter Parker’s annoyed when he sees all the stalls taken.

Dazzler #2

“Blasted Cummerbund” will be my battlecry when I become a superhero.

So the superheroes charge into battle, and the Enchantress summons up a bunch of monsters to keep them busy. There’s some pretty good fighting. While they fight the demons, Dazzler confronts the Enchantress, who boasts of the demonic messenger coming through the portal she opened. Dazzler lets loose her stupid battlecry (“Let’s go for it!”) and unloads a whole lot of light into the demon. Enchantress leaves, swearing vengeance. But then some guy hiding under a table tells Dazzler to go see if Harry Osgood will represent her.

Dazzler gets a ride from the superheroes. Beast distracts Osgood’s secretary so Dazzler can sneak in, and the superheroes ask him to give her a chance.

Dazzler #2

Colossus’s politeness cracks me up here.

He lets her sing, she wows him, happy ending hurrah.

This felt a bit better than the first issue. This series was always best when it was most ridiculous, and this issue had a lot of endearing silliness to it. Dazzler herself is still a little light on personality; like I said last time, her personality remains bland and barely there for a long time.

As an aside, here’s a panel I found on Google from when Dazzler was going to be modeled after Grace Jones:

Grace Jones Dazzler

I really can’t think of a good joke for this.

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