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Uncanny X-Men #145 (1981, May)

May 4, 2013

Today was Free Comic Book Day. The Infinity comic was pretty OK. But now, for X-Men, with “Kidnapped!”


Coppin’ a feel there, Doom?

Ororo and Stevie are out at the opera. Kitty was supposed to go with Stevie, but got sick, so Ororo went instead. She still can’t get over her dislike of Stevie, despite knowing how irrational it is. Miss Locke walks into their box and touches their necks. Ororo lashes out with a hurricane, to Stevie’s shock, but Miss Locke says she poisoned the two of them. She needs the X-Men’s help. Arcade’s been captured by Doom, and Miss Locke wants them to save him. To ensure their cooperation, she’s captured Jean’s parents, Moira, Candy Southern, Amanda Sefton and Illyana.

Back at the school, Xavier calls the Beast, who tells them about Doom. Wolverine wants to go smash MurderWorld, to show that people can’t mess with the X-Men through their family. Luckily, Storm has a plan. Out in the Southwest, Alex and Lorna combine their powers to repair a windmill providing their house with power. Xavier contacts them. He also contacts Bobby at college, and Sean on a plane already bound for the US. Xavier’s not doing well. A subtle shift in the Earth’s magnetic field has been causing interference – Magneto’s up to something.

Cut down to the Caribbean, where Scott’s washed up on a beach unconscious. He opens his eyes, and blasts himself into the air. He lost his glasses. So he fashions a blindfold out of his shirt, to keep himself from opening his eyes. Lee finds him, and we learn that she was thrown overboard during a storm, and he dove in after her. Though they call her Al instead of Lee. Which is odd.

Back at the Mansion. Xavier briefs the team. They’re going to split into two groups. The main team will head to Doom’s castle in the Adirondaks. The second team – Havok, Polaris, Iceman, Banshee – will go to MurderWorld. Havok suggests a workout in the Danger Room, prompting the others to smile. Storm shows what Kitty did to it.

Up at Doom’s castle, Storm appears in a lightning bolt. It’s a pretty great entrance. Doom invites her to dinner. The other four sneak into the castle and try to free Arcade, but they’ve been suckered. Some of Doom’s guards show up in armoured suits designed to beat the Fantastic Four. Yeah, I don’t figure that would go well. Back at dinner, Ororo and Doom both find themselves enjoying the meal, and drawn to each other. But then he brings in Arcade, and Storm realizes it was all a trap. She gets defeated by him, encased in chrome. The other X-Men bust in, but Doom beats them easily, as well.

This was really good. Storm is coming into her own as a leader, even if she got tricked this time. The battle between the X-Men and Doom’s guards was entertaining, if brief. I actually would’ve liked to see more of the dinner between Storm and Doom, but no matter. Just a good, fun story, and the start to an enjoyable arc, with a fairly memorable climax.

Also that month, Rom #18, by Mantlo and Busecma. The X-Men think Rom destroyed the farm and is trying to kill an innocent child, so they fight. Hybrid causes a snowstorm to whip in, and Storm is distracted trying to control it. Hybrid drops his disguise, scaring Kitty, who runs through Rom, screwing him up. Colossus tackles Hybrid, but then gets changed to human, and starts to suffocate. Nightcrawler goes to work on mouth-to-mouth. Wolverine finds Rom, and attacks him. Kitty, trying to stay away from Hybrid, bumps into Wolverine, and explains the situation. Hybrid knocks away Rom’s Neutralizer, and when Wolverine tries to use it, he fries himself. Kitty picks it up, and manages to use it against Hybrid. Rom grabs Hybrid and holds him while Kitty banishes them both. The X-Men leave. It was OK, I suppose.

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