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X-Men comics (May 8, 2013)

May 8, 2013

Another relatively light week. Which means there should be a ridiculously heavy week coming up soon.

First up, Uncanny X-Force #4, by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney. Spiral’s trying to get Ginny away, but they’re attacked by Bishop. In the mindscape, the bear is roaring at Psylocke. She gets kicked out. Outside, Spiral takes the fight to Bishop. Dark Fantomex attacks Fantomex. Ginny tries to take control of Bishop, but fails and gets grabbed. Storm fries Bishop, weakening him enough for Puck to punch him out. Psylocke calls out Spiral for more fighting, but Spiral’s already broken by Ginny going missing. Storm comforts Psylocke. Humphries clearly follows in the Claremontian tradition of loving Les Yay. Puck then gloats about being 10′ of ass-kicking in a 4′ body, with whiskey for blood and veins in his teeth. Psylocke still hates him, but Storm seems to really like him, as she should, because Puck is awesome. Seriously, just so awesome. I love this book. It’s great. Plenty of funny stuff, but also plenty of dramatic stuff. Spiral’s sympathetic and even pitiable, which she hasn’t really been in a long time. The friendship between Storm and Psylocke is very strong. And Puck remains awesome. Great series, definitely worth picking up.

Astonishing X-Men #62, by Marjorie Liu and Gabriel Hernandez Walta. Mystique steals some kittens from Sabretooth and takes a bath while Iceman talks to a doctor about some nightmares he’s been having. Her water turns to ice, but he doesn’t show up. Bobby leaves the psychiatrist and walks to a cafe, where Gambit, Kitty and Xi’an are talking about Hatchi Tech. Kitty asks for his accounting expertise, and he kisses her, surprising her. There’s some heavy snow coming in, and Gambit jokes that people are calling it the apocalypse, which makes Bobby flip out. He apologizes and says he’s been on edge. Great time for Lorna to walk in. She says Bobby called her and said he missed her. Bobby says it wasn’t him. So now it’s time for Opal! Again, Bobby says he didn’t contact her. And then Annie. Assuming that’s Nurse Annie, she looks a little different than I remember. Gambit talks to Jubilee on the phone, talking about Bobby’s problems and the weird weather, when Mystique walks in on him. After a brief fight, she says she wanted to warn Gambit that something’s wrong with Bobby. She also leaves him with the kittens. Kitty talks to Logan about what happened, and about Piotr.This is actually pretty interesting. There’s some fun to be had with Bobby’s exes showing up, and there’s also a lot of drama. It’s clear that something’s very wrong with him. It’s also pretty obvious that the heavy snows around the world are his fault; I’m curious to see where that goes. And on a side note, it’s refreshing seeing a character actually go see a psychiatrist. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

Wolverine #3, by Paul Cornell and Alan Davis. Wolverine and Fury, Jr. are arguing. Fury is talking about the bullet in Wolverine’s shoulder, Wolverine is talking about the Watcher. They go into a back room in a pub where a woman cuts Logan open to get at the bullet. It’s actually a pub for people in the superhero line of work. There’s the NYPD detective from the first issue, a bookie who specializes in superhero battles, a comic writer, a guy who catalogues supers, and the boss of Damage Control. And Victoria Frankenstein gets the bullet out of Logan. The gun is tracked to a pharmaceutical company believed to have sold to the Hellfire Club and AIM. He takes down a couple Mandroids (I think they’re Mandriods – guys in big suits of armour) before the third stands down. He fights a bunch of guys, but most escape with whatever they were there for. I still feel like Cornell and Davis are a bad match for Wolverine. The book is good, but not as good as it could be.

Uncanny Avengers #8, by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna. The Apocalypse Twins talk about the Red Skull’s Onslaught, about Ahab and his Hounds, and about whether they’re doing the right thing, while Thor stops chunks of the Peak from destroying Rio. Sunfire destroys the last part. Thor and Sunfire head up to the Ship, and find it a slaughterhouse. Then the Ship disappears. The rest of the Unity team – minus Cap, of course – heads to the South Pole, and Akkaba. Cap finds himself in South Sudan. He fights free and finds a tunnel with a box inside, addressed to him. It’s a message. Presumably from Kang or Immortus. Eimin and Uriel talk to hor and Sunfire. Turns out that, in the future, Kang used Jarnbjorn to keep killing anyone who ascended to be Apocalypse, leaving the mutant race no protector, so they were almost wiped out. Now, Eimin and Uriel are setting things right. They also talk about Wolverine killing the child En Sabah Nur and Archangel. Meanwhile, in Akkaba, Uriel kills all the human servants there. This is fairly interesting, and Remender’s definitely got interesting plans with the Apocalypse Twins. I do still feel he’s writing the wrong book, at least for now. I feel this should be a more politically-oriented book, at least this early on. Still, what he’s doing, he’s doing well, though if UXF is anything to go with, we can expect a terrible arc to come up soon, then a cool finale, and then two years of absolute suck.

Deadpool #9, written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, art by Tony Moore. Deadpool’s unconscious, so Preston pokes around a bit in his mind, and finds a museum of various famous paintings and sculptures with Deadpool’s head on them. In the ice cream truck, Ben Franklin tells Deadpool that the Ancient One’s secret New York library is buried under Ryker’s Island. Deadpool gets Michael arrested by having him flash some cops. Once there, Michael teleports in Deadpool and Ben Franklin. They then teleport to the secret library. He needs time, so he goes and attacks Aquaman. It’s a blond guy named Artie who can breathe underwater and summon fish to help him. It’s clearly Aquaman. Then Deadpool decides the best way to beat Vetis is to kill Michael and send him to Mephisto to rat Vetis out. Blah. Sucks.

There’s the X-titles. Now the Now! titles.

First up, Fearless Defenders #4, by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney. Val denies being a sister to the Doom Maidens, who decide to refresh her memory. With violence. Because when “Doom” is part of your name, you only have so many options. Misty slaps Hippolyta back to normal, and they all decide to flee, feeling the fight is getting unpleasant. Which is one word to use when giant spiders show up. Hippolyta grabs Annabelle and Dani and flies out of the caves. Oh, yeah, she can fly now. Val and Misty escape on Val’s horse. She figures they should be safe for a moment. Que giant . . . something. Dragon-millipede-things with multiple eyes. I don’t even know any more. Val uses her sword to teleport them all away. At one of Misty’s safehouses, they debate the next course of action. Misty suggests calling the Avengers. Hippolyta doesn’t want the help of men. Val says the Avengers wouldn’t be much help anyway, and that the only way to stop the Doom Maidens is for the Valkyrior to take their place. Hippolyta also wants to take Dani back to Hela, but Dani refuses, and changes to Valkyrie mode. Val goes off, and has memories of fighting Odin. Annabelle goes to talk to Val, and the art gets really messed up. Sliney just flat-out screwed up on that page. He rushed through it, and it came out looking awful. Anyway, this issue’s not bad. Some fun action, and interesting revelations about Val. I’m wondering who she chooses next to join her team. The cover for the next issue features the likes of She-Hulk, Storm, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Elektra – I doubt any of them will join. But it also has Hellcat, Tigra and Thundra, all of whom would be great choices. I’m actually hoping for Hellcat. Val and Hellcat had a really good chemistry in the old Defenders comics. I’d like to see that friendship renewed.

Secret Avengers #4, by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross. A whole lot of Iron Patriot armours go on the attack, thinking about how they were created to protect humanity. Banner’s brought on board (“The man from Albuquerque has landed.”) Daisy’s shocked that Hill managed to get Banner to agree to help, and they snark at each other a bit before Daisy starts her briefing. She tells the young scientists at the meeting that the Iron Patriot drones attacked terrorist cells that the US actually wanted to hit, but which weren’t actionable, either due to lack of proof or due to high risk of civilian casualties. Daisy wants to know how to shut down the drones. Banner tells her they’re not drones, they’re sentient. He says they need to talk to the drones. Iron Man says he’s unavailable, but Coulson says he actually wanted to see Rhodes. Meanwhile, Banner’s sent to intercept the drones on the way to Tehran. He makes short work of them, but then gets captured by SHIELD when he reverts to Banner. Then Reverie erases his memory of the event. Then the Secret Avengers launch a stealth assault on AIM Island. This is good. It’s really interesting and exciting stuff.  Plot and counter-plot. The characterization’s good, though the Secret Avengers themselves don’t get much in this issue. I’m enjoying this.

Avengers Assemble #15AU, by Al Ewing and Butch Guice. Some guy in London is being threatened by a pair of Ultrons. It’s a bizarre scene, but kinda funny.  He teaches them to say “Exterminate,” because when you’re an evil robot in Britain, you’re a Dalek, dammit! Captain Marvel saves him. She was on vacation, and now she’s caught up in the end of the world. She grabs the guy and runs to the British Museum, which is protected by magic, because Britain. Excalibur is keeping the museum safe, so that Faiza can heal people. Apparently, the guy Carol saved is Computer Graham, an ’80s hero who could go inside video games. I honestly have no idea if this guy was a real comic character or someone they just made up for this comic. I can’t find him on Google. We also meet one of Captain Britain’s students, Melanie, who has magic soccer powers and the ability to keep smiling, and keep everyone else smiling. Brian, Carol and Graham have a meeting, hoping they can use Graham to beat Ultron, and Brian says Dane’s not going, because the Ebony Blade is too close to controlling him. Melanie comes in to say she totes wants to go on a secret robot-duffin-up mission. Brian gives Faiza the title of Captain Britain, and is now apparently Captain Brian. Have I mentioned yet that Ewing is British? Because it really shows. This is a very British take on AU, and it’s great. The four of them launch an attack on St. Paul’s Cathedral, Ultron’s base in London, and it’s a cool fight. Really cool. This was a really good issue. I’d like to see Marvel hire Ewing for more stuff going forward. Maybe a new volume of Excalibur? Please? Yeah, that’s not happening any time soon. Sigh.

And, finally, Alpha: Big Time #4, by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Nuno Plati. Alpha’s getting beat around by a guy calling himself the Miller, who built a hammer that transmutes matter. Thor shows up to end the fight with some lightning. Then he leaves. Andy heads to school, late, where the principal thinks he’s been smoking cigarettes because he smells like an ashtray. In class, he stares dreamily at Soupcan. He talks to her after class, and she turns him down. Hard. It’s pretty brutal. Then he hears something going down at the hospital. Specifically, the room where the mugger he almost killed was. (The doctor he talks to thinks he’s Nova, continuing the running gag of no one knowing who he is.) He dives into the energy thing that mugger’s become. It seems to absorb his energy. Then a couple guys go to his house and set it on fire with his mother inside. It’s OK. Still a middling book. Not terrible, but not . . . much better than that, I suppose. Thor’s cameo was kinda fun, albeit largely pointless.

Also, in Avengers Arena #9, Juston Seyfert dies. Not that anyone expected him to survive, of course.


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  1. Hamburger Time permalink

    Holy crap, Nurse Annie showed up?

  2. Jubilee’s finally returning soon? It’s about time.

    And it will be fun to see who does join the Fearless Defenders. You’re probably right, it will most likely be characters who don’t have other books at the moment.

    • Yeah, Jubes will make her return in X-Men #1, at the end of the month. You should go look at the Skottie Young variant cover, because it is so so good. And for Fearless Defenders, yeah, Bunn’s going to be given characters who already have books.

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