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Uncanny X-Men #147 (1981, July)

May 18, 2013

OK, I need to start doing my reviews again. Well, here I go, with “Rogue Storm!”

Rogue Storm!

Awesome and terrifying.

We start with Nightcrawler teleporting outside Doom’s castle, two miles above the ground, in the heavy storm. The effort nearly killed him. He falls, but catches an updraft that slows his fall so he can land in the water more safely. It takes him an hour to swim to shore. Arcade taunts Doom about Nightcrawler’s escape, but Doom is more concerned with the weather.

Meanwhile, Colossus switches to flesh and jumps off the rock he’s clinging to into the whirlpool. The lasers don’t blast him. He changes back to metal at the bottom, then punches through the wall to escape. Angel jumps off his own perch, flying through the laser maze, which then explodes behind him. Then he gets hit by a ton of water. Wolverine has a flashback to almost killing James and Heather Hudson. James told him to think, not just react, and Wolverine got himself under control. He thinks about how his control’s been slipping again recently. He bounces himself off a wall, and slashes the next one he bounces off of. He keeps doing that. Eventually, he manages to break the room.

He tracks down Doom and Arcade, and scraps the Storm-bot. Nightcrawler distracts Doom long enough for Wolverine to get close and threaten him. Doom agrees to let Storm go. Nightcrawler tosses a globe at her to return her to flesh. Then things get crazy. Storm’s lost control. Doom says he needs to reach his lab to stop her. She taunts him. Colossus shouts at Storm to remember Phoenix, which brings her back to normal. She manages to disperse the storm, nearly killing herself in the process.

Finally, Storm asks Doom to let Arcade go, and Doom agrees if Arcade apologizes. It’s not a very convincing apology, but it’s sufficient. Doom apologizes to Storm, and she declares the slate clean, with them parting as neither friends nor enemies.

As an epilogue, Scott and Lee wake up on the beach. Scott calls her Jean, which shocks her, but then she’s more shocked by the city off-shore.

It’s a great issue. The various methods the X-Men use to escape is cool. Wolverine gets some good characterization with his. Colossus gets to show a bit of brains, and then brings Storm back to herself. Doom is cool. So arrogant, but he shows some nice humanity at the end, with his apology to Storm, and desire to start fresh with her. Sadly, nothing’s ever done with that. It might’ve been cool if they’d later met up again on more civil terms. The Doom in this arc is later revealed, by John Byrne, as a Doombot. Storm’s loss of control, of course, was terrifying. She seemed utterly inhuman. She actually became a goddess. It was great. She even got to make a callback to some of Doom’s private thoughts two issues ago, when she asked if he feared her. Awesome issue.

I also want to mention that this month featured Fantastic Four #232, the first issue of John Byrne’s legendary run on the title. Right off the bat, it was great, and a return to glory for the FF.

I’ll also mention Man-Thing #11, which featured Chris Claremont (the writer of the book) getting caught up in the craziness inside the issue. This follows in the tradition of Steve Gerber including himself as a character.

There were a couple other comics out that month that featured the X-Men, but I think I’ll split them into another post.

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