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Uncanny X-Men #149 (1981, September)

June 2, 2013

I’ve finally managed to download the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3. I’ll have a review in the next couple days. But for today, “And the Dead Shall Bury the Living!”

And the Dead Shall Bury the Living!

An uncharacteristically weak cover.

While the X-Men do some repairs to the Danager Room, Xavier reviews the file on Magneto. He says a few things that are soon to be directly contradicted. He mentions Magneto’s features as being “Nordic,” when they should be Semitic, and says Magneto’s origin is unknown, when it’ll soon be revealed that Xavier knew Magneto years ago. While Xavier thinks about Magneto, Kitty debuts her new costume. It’s . . . this:

Sprite's costume

Just remember that she’s not even 14 yet.

Xavier yells at her for disturbing him and screwing up his computers. She phases through the ceiling of the Danger Room, looking miserable, and Storm decides to cheer her up by scaring her with wind and thunder so that she falls. Kurt catches her and tosses her to Wolverine, who drops her to Peter. She asks them all about her new costume, and Storm zaps Kurt before he can say anything. Probably a wise choice.

Xavier sends the team to Magneto’s Antarctic base, and Kitty stows away. When they reach the base, Storm has a moment of regret over the way the team got separated from Jean the last time they were there. A nice moment that shows how Jean’s death still affects them. They get into the base, and find it oddly devoid of lava. Someone’s cleared the place out. They split up, and Storm is spied by someone. Garokk! And he’s not happy about Storm failing to save him back in issue #116. Then we move to Kitty and Colossus. Colossus gets clocked from behind. Garokk’s seen better days – half his body is melted, the other half looks like crystal. Though he’s bigger than he was last time, too, so there’s that. Kitty phases through him, causing him pain. He responds by smashing a wall to let some lava pour in. Storm freezes the whole place. Then she’s hit by a Colossicle. Garokk fights Nightcrawler and Wolverine while explaining that Magneto rescued him from death.

Cut to Kitty emerging from rock. She survived Garokk’s lava flow. She rushes to save the others, and finds Garokk about to throw Storm into a pit. Kitty tells Wolverine to throw her at Garokk – I wonder if I should count that towards the Fastball Special Tracker. I suppose not, since they don’t call it that or anything. Anyway, Garokk just jumps into the pit with Storm instead. Storm goes down to check for Storm, and finds her on a ledge. She doesn’t notice Garokk also on the ledge, until he lunges at her. Which is a pretty stupid move, on his part. He’s seen twice that she can make herself immaterial. Obviously, he falls to his doom, never to be seen again until his next appearance in a few years.

We finish with Scott and Lee, on Magneto’s island. They’ve been given very odd clothes to wear. Very fancy. Magneto walks in and tells Scott he can remove the blindfold, because his optic blasts won’t work. Yep, he recognizes Cyclops.

This feels a little like filler. Something to pass the time until next issue’s double-sized special. It’s reasonably enjoyable filler, but it still feels like filler. I think the most important thing in this issue is Kitty’s new “costume.” That thing is hideous. It’s hilariously stupid and bad. Of course, a decade later, real people were wearing things that looked about as bad. Even today, I love it when people bring up that costume, though. She didn’t really wear it for long, but it was truly memorable. In fact, I think next issue might be the tragic finale of that monstrosity.

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