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Dazzler #10 (1981, December)

June 25, 2013

I’ve put up another guest post on Beyond the Gamer of The Problem with Uncanny Avengers. Go read it. But first, “In the Darkness . . . A Light!

In the Darkness . . . A Light!

Dazzler vs. Galactus. Sure, why not.

Somebody’s telling their master that Dazzler is the only one with the power to help him. We get a quick run-down of the series up to this point, and then we find out that it’s Galactus who needs her help. Back on Earth, Dazzler’s still on the run from Pegasus’s security team, led by Quasar. She’s leaving a trail of destruction behind her. Galactus’s ship arrives and grabs Dazzler before Quasar can stop it. Dazzler’s wondering where she is, and also why she’s suddenly so calm. Galactus’s drone (named R-11) comes out and tells her the beam had a tranquilizer in it. Once he tells her she’s on Galactus’s ship, she starts to freak out a bit again. She skates through the ship until she finds Galactus. Then she blasts him with every bit of energy she has. To no effect, of course. Galactus simply asks his drone why his work is being interrupted.

Back on Earth, everyone who knows Dazzler is wondering where she is. Harry wonders if Techmaster went after her, Dr. Paul calls his nurse (who wonders why he can’t see it’s her she should love), and her father finds out his mother hasn’t talked to her in a week, which makes him feel torn between his principles and his love for his daughter. All very blah.

Back on Galactus’s ship, R-11 is trying to calm Galactus, who wasn’t particularly angry in the first place. He gives his backstory, and says that Terrax has betrayed him. He tried to seize a world for himself rather than giving it to Galactus, and when Galactus found out, Terrax fled into a black hole. Galactus can’t follow, because such an influx of energy into a black hole would destroy it, and Terrax with it. He doesn’t want Terrax dead yet. So he’s sending Dazzler instead. R-11 leads her to a chamber where she’s bombarded with sound. Sounds that would destroy anyone else, but which she’s able to absorb. She ends up with so much power that, for a moment, she nearly goes insane. But she manages to keep a hold of herself.

Finally, the sound ceases, and Galactus addresses her. He coats her with a layer of cosmic energy to protect her from the black hole and provide her oxygen, then kicks her out with a lifeline back to the ship. Once she’s in the hole, Galactus stops caring, and goes back to his own work. Dazzler finds Terrax, who severs her lifeline.

I have to admit, issues like this are a bit of a guilty pleasure. They’re so absurd, so ridiculous, that it can’t not be fun. There’s also the comic book science at play; I have no idea if anything that’s said here about black holes is actually true. There are bits that sound like they might have been made up. But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this issue is silly fun.

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