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X-Men comics (July 3 2013)

July 3, 2013

See, this is why Marvel needs to get better at spacing out their releases. Last week had roughly all the comics, this week’s only got a handful. Well, let’s get to it.

First up, X-Men Legacy #13, by Simon Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat. We start in London, with Peter Wisdom talking about Legion’s terrible timing for a visit. The UK is also being paid a visit by President Abdi of Aqiria, a small nation near Saudi Arabia. While the rest of MI:13 – excluding Meggan, because she’s a mutant (who’s apparently picked up some of Wisdom’s charm – I never expected anything Meggan says to be censored) – meet with Abdi, Wisdom trails Legion. Legion heads into a bar, where he meets up with Chamber, Pixie, Psylocke, Lila Cheney, Alchemy (that’s going back a ways) and Liam Connaughton (who previously appeared in the Muties mini). Legion mentions catching a Scottish accent on Muir, but says he’s not British. I still say he shouldn’t have picked up much of an accent there, and that it’s been long enough that anything he picked up should’ve long since dropped off. Wisdom guesses that Legion’s gotten them all together to kill President Abdi. The others all say they only showed up to refuse. As Wisdom walks back to HQ (after at least one pint), he comes across some Warwolves killing people. After that is Dolph, then Plokta. Spurrier was clearly having fun with these villains. While Wisdom fights these things, Blindfold shows up in astral form to tell him that Legion’s not evil, and she doesn’t think he’d be putting people at risk. Wisdom wakes up back at the bar. He, along with all the others, were being mind-controlled by Legion. Blindfold tries to talk Legion down, but he says he needs them. It’s pretty cool. I always like seeing Wisdom – the guy’s awesome. There’s some good comedy moments. I’m interested in seeing exactly what Legion’s plan is. I’m still not a fan of the art style, but oh well. At least Spurrier’s finally acknowledged that Legion’s not Scottish, even if his explanation for why he speaks with a Scottish accent doesn’t actually work.

What If: AvX #1, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Jorge Molina. It starts with the Phoenix Force killing the Guardians of the Galaxy while Captain America and Iron Man talk to the president and his advisors. Black Panther, Nova, Thor, Ms. Marvel and the Vision are sent out to intercept the Phoenix in space. Scott and Ororo are watching Magneto train Hope. The Avengers show up, but instead of Scott and Cap talking, Magneto opts to go up with Hope, Storm and Namor. It goes less than well, and eventually leads to Wolverine accidentally skewering Storm while going after Namor. This is somewhat interesting, although I will confess that the exact set-up – Magneto training Hope, Magneto thinking it’d be better for him to talk to the Avengers than for Scott to do it – seems very odd at times.  There’s some reasonably interesting things going on. We’ll see where it goes from here. The cover for the next issue suggests the Avengers sent into space will be possessed by the Phoenix Force. This means a Phoenix-possessed Thor. That’s . . . a bit insane.

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1, by Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin. Deadpool (now wearing a black leather gimp suit, and with his voice very different) throws Headpool into a microwave to kill him. Then we go to 616, where Deadpool is fighting Ultimatum and their new big giant robot. He’s helped out when the Bea Arthur crashes into the robot, and the Deadpool Corps emerge, with a couple new members. Lady Deadpool tells him they need to get out of there fast. Evil Deadpool shows up and kills one of the new ones. Evil Deadpool stabs normal Deadpool through the chest with a chainsaw, but gets distracted by Dogpool before he can finish him off. It costs Dogpool his life, though. But it does give Deadpool a chance to kill Evil Deadpool. But the Corps says there’ll be more. This is pretty good. It’s dark and twisted, as a good Deadpool story should be. The general view of Deadpool these days is wacky humour, zany antics, all that crap. But Deadpool’s far more than that, and it’s nice to see a little bit of darkness in here.

And that’s actually all the X-titles. But there’s a couple new #1s. As with the rest of Marvel Now!, I’ll review the first five issues of each new series.

Avengers AI #1, by Sam Humphries and Andre Lima Araujo. It starts in an Atlanta hospital, where things are totally normal. Until it’s attacked by what look to be SHIELD aircraft. Then we cut back 3 days to a SHIELD black site outside DC. Monica Chang goes to interview Henry Pym about the AI he created to stop Ultron. Turns out it’s hijacked SHIELD’s drone fleet. Chang and Pym have a back-and-forth, until Pym gets tired of being chained up. He grows, but she presses a button that shocks him back down to size. She says a war is about to begin with the AI (now calling itself Dimitrios), and she wants Pym to answer her questions. Captain America interrupts and chews her out, but she’s less than intimidated. Cap tells Pym to bring in the Vision, who’s actually orbiting the sun as a result of his Ultron Imperative programming. Pym calls him to come home. The next day, Victor Mancha’s in an arcade, flirting with a girl, when the Vision shows up. Pym tells them he needs their help to prevent a human/AI war. Vision objects to the other new member – a Doombot. Pym is . . . oddly enthusiastic about him. And that brings us to the hospital attack, where the three AI members of the team – Vision, Victor, Doombot – fight the drones. Doombot is hilariously insulting, Victor’s trying out new codenames, and Vision apparently now has a nanite infestation array. And a supernova. This is pretty good. We’ll see how it goes from here, but it’s a reasonably good set-up. The characters all have unique and entertaining voices. The Doombot is especially good. I think Victor trying out different codenames could be a good running gag, too. And the art’s pretty standard stuff, nothing offensive or anything. No one will be blown away by it, but no one will be turned off, either.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1, by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber. We start with a quick run-down of Boomerang’s life: Baseball pitcher, caught in a bribery scandal, found by the Secret Empire (not a sex thing), became Boomerang (which is why everyone hates the US – a whole country boiled down to something from Crocodile Dundee), fought some fights, and eventually stashed away enough money for a new costume and a new crew. Overdrive, a new female Beetle, Speed Demon and Shocker – the new Sinister Six. He’s aware there are only five of them. But he keeps ending up in prison, trying to get someone to feed his birds. Speed Demon and Shocker agree to pick up some bird seed, and find a girl getting a dog. It is a bizarre scene, with Speed Demon being a complete jerk. It’s hilarious. Speed Demon robs the pet store and steals the dog. He steals a dog from a little girl! When they get to Boomerang’s place, they find Hammerhead.  When he opens the bird seed bag, there’s diamonds inside. But less than there was supposed to be. Shocker gets put in the hospital. The Beetle also robs a comic shop. This is really funny. It’s just a fun, silly book. But there’s some heart. It’s always great seeing the human sides of villains. There’s a few twists and turns thrown in, but mostly it’s just a good, fun story about a bunch of D-list villains being complete losers. It’s really good.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers will be added once I’ve had a chance to read it.



Edit: I forgot that I wanted to start doing picks of the week. So, my comic of the week this week goes to X-Men Legacy, if only by default. It has Pete Wisdom – can’t go wrong there. My moment of the week has to go to Speed Demon stealing a puppy. Priceless.


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  1. I was thinking of getting Superior foes, but my local shop didn’t have enough copies.

    Avengers AI was a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting much, and it turned out to be quite entertaining. Not amazingly good, but it’s a nice break from the usual darker storytelling in most of Marvel’s books lately.

  2. Hamburger Time permalink

    Alchemy and freaking Liam Connaughton? Holy crap!

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