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Dazzler #12 (1982, February)

July 9, 2013

Today’s story is “Endless Hate.”

Endless Hate!

The top half of the cover is actually pretty cool.

Dazzler is in in her apartment, looking at herself in the mirror after getting out of the bath, and absently glowing as she listens to music. Dr. Paul calls her, and they set up a date. Harry drives to the studio with a bodyguard. He makes an appointment for the next day, and when Dazzler comes in, he yells at her a bit for disappearing, and gives her the card of an associate who can find her cheap work.

Techmaster’s spying on him. He calls Harry’s friend to cancel the appointment Harry just made, while Dazzler gets work at a fast food place opening. Her date with Dr. Paul is a double date with Dr. Paul’s boss and his wife. Things start to go poorly when she starts talking about her singing career. Later on, as he leaves her apartment, Dr. Paul thinks about how much thinking he has to do. She gets a call for a job, which turns out to be from Techmaster. She goes to a factory, which makes transduction panels to turn sound into light. Techmaster wants to know how she puts on her lightshows with no visible apparatus.

Harry’s waiting for his friend, and Techmaster shows up to grab him, and takes him back to the factory, where Dazzler’s just managed to get out of the room she was locked in. Techmaster tries to throw Harry into some machines, but Dazzler attacks with her lights. Techmaster chases her back into the soundproof room she was locked in. They fight a bit, and Dazzler starts swinging her purse at him, knocking him out of the room. He almost falls over the edge, but Harry saves him. Techmaster calls them even, and Dazzler gets annoyed at Harry’s earlier lack of concern for her. But she forgives him.

This was meh. Dazzler was at its best when it was most absurd. This seems like an attempt to make the book a little more grounded – she wasn’t up against Doom, or Galactus, or anyone like that. She was up against some crazy businessman with metal hands. Making it more mundane highlighted just how dull a character and series this is. Fingeroth lacked the skill, as a writer, to give Dazzler much real personality. Dr. Paul was one of the least interesting characters ever. The whole thing is just relentlessly mediocre. Not even memorable enough to be called truly bad.

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