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Mass Effect playthrough – Virmire

July 13, 2013

My computer’s fixed. Just needed to be cleaned, I guess. I’m happy. So then I did Virmire, because that’ll cure happiness.

The first part’s pretty good. I died once. Damned Rocket Drone I hadn’t noticed. Engineer can’t take a hit. I used the Mako only for traveling around. I got out when it came time to kill things. Though I did hammer down a couple Colossi, just to make them a bit easier to kill on foot. At one point, there’s a good four or five Armatures at once. Doing that part without the Mako was a bit awkward, but I did it. Just kept moving back and forth. Kinda funny: Liara was behind a bit of rock. At one point, an Armature came right beside her, and promptly lifted into the air. That’s my girl! Except not this game, because I’m planning on banging Ashley. You understand.

Anyway. Then the salarian camp. The confrontation with Wrex is awesome. So tense and cool.I talked him down, of course. I got his Family Armour, so I didn’t even need to use Charm. I picked Ash to go with Kirrahe. I figure Kaidan would be better at arming the bomb properly, and Ash would be better at mowing down tons of enemies. And then I got to watch Kirrahe’s epic Hold the Line speech. Let’s watch it again now.

Such a great speech. Then begins the assault! No real problems. Killed plenty of geth and a couple krogan on my way in. It’s a lot of fun. And naturally, I did everything I could to help the salarians. When I reached the base, I took the low door. Not much extra experience, but a little bit. Plus, sneaky! I let out that one indoctrinated salarian, then was forced to kill him. And then I let out the other non-indoctrinated salarian. And then I did something very Renegade: I killed the four mindless salarians in a cell. It’s more merciful. They deserve better than to live as vegetables. It was a mercy killing, though it wasn’t an easy choice. Liara wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, but Wrex was on my side.

Then more fighting, more killing, and hey! There’s Rana Thanoptis! I like her. I let her live. Her panicked response amused me. And then – Sovereign. Again, let’s watch:

Bad. Ass. “You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it.” Such a great line. And Sovereign’s just full of them. His contempt is so cool.

Then more fighting. And I had to choose who to save. I chose Ashley, but not for Ashley. I chose to save the salarians she was with. (Of course, I sent Ashley with them specifically so I could do it that way.) I tried to talk Saren down, but of course he ignored me. It’s a neat conversation, though.

And then boom.

I warned the Council. I actually sympathize with their position. We, as the player, know that Sovereign is real, that he’s a threat. The Council doesn’t have access to the information we do. They have no reason to believe Shepard isn’t crazy.

Then I talked to everyone, but they didn’t have much to say.

Tomorrow, Noveria!


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