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Mass Effect playthrough – Noveria

July 14, 2013

My computer’s still making a noise. I’ll need to bring it back tomorrow, give the guy another chance. But for today, Noveria!

I decided to bring Liara and Ash with me as my team. Off the bat, I actually kinda like Captain Matsuo. She seems reasonable, and she doesn’t even flinch when guns come out. I chose to play nice with her, of course. I played nice with everyone. I didn’t smuggle for Opold, because I’m not a smuggler. And I didn’t spy for the asari in the bar, because I’m not a spy. I’m above their piddly crap. I have much more important things to do. Since the things they want me to do are illegal, I’m not interested in helping them.

Anoleis is a jerk. Gianna’s OK. Lorik Qui’in is great. I like him. I almost feel bad about blackmailing him into testifying. But Anoleis deserves what he gets. I’m also a little disappointed there’s no way to avoid killing the guards in the Synthetic Insights office. If I could’ve avoided it, I would’ve. But there’s no mercy bullets, and melee is pretty much impossible to pull off. So they died. Especially Stirling. She died fast. Have I mentioned how much I love Liara’s biotics? They almost feel like cheating sometimes.

No problem from the geth in the garage. Also no problem from the geth along the mountain. And speaking of the mountain, it provides good proof that the Mako itself isn’t that bad, it’s only the terrain that’s a problem. Driving around Noveria is no real trouble. Killing things in it is even easier. But when you have to drive up and around hills, it’s a pain in the ass. Compare the Mako to the Hammerhead in 2: The Hammerhead consistently gets even terrain that plays up to its strengths, but it’s absolutely worthless in a fight. A couple hits and you’re dead.

Anyway, then there’s Peak 15. Which is pretty creepy at times. The rachni are gross. Doing repairs is a bit annoying, just because of Mira’s regular warnings about things I already know, and am already working on. Yeah, the reactor’s down, I get it. Shut up about it. Ugh. I hate Mira.

I helped out at Rift Station. Saved some lives. Then went after Benezia. It’s not too bad a fight, if you use some strategy. Just go right as soon as you can move. Get behind the big tank with the Rachni Queen in it; Benezia can’t get you there. The only problem is there’s a distinct lack of cover from everyone else, but if you’re at a decent level, you should be fine. I was at level 50 when I did the fight, so I was fine. I do always find it amusing that Benezia gets increasingly fatigued when she’s not even actually doing anything. Also, Marina Sirtis is not a good actress. She does a poor job with Benezia. Anyway, I shot things. Always fun. I decided to let the Queen go. I’m not going to commit genocide. Ashley thought I should finish her off, but nope, I couldn’t do it. Genocide is bad, mmkay. So I let her go. Then it’s down to finish things off with a neutron purge. The look on the Russian guy’s face when the rachni spears him from behind is pretty good. I liked that look. I actually also thought he was pretty cool. Then he died. Oh well.

After the mission, I didn’t get to be chewed out by the Council. Aw. I wanted Sparatus to tell me how stupid it was for me to let the Queen go. Oh well, no big deal. I’ll get a chance to get angry with them soon.

I won’t be playing next weekend, since I’ll be visiting my girlfriend. So it’ll be two weeks from now when I finish off my playthrough.


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