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Uncanny X-Men #155 (1982, March)

July 15, 2013

Review time. Today’s story is “First Blood.”

First Blood

That’s a hell of a spoiler to put on the cover.

Scott is brooding about the fact that Storm never told him Corsair was his father. She said she made a promise to Jean, and that just makes her angry that Jean lied. Corsairs says he asked her to, in order to spare Scott some pain. So much for that idea. As they argue, they’re transported up to a Shi’ar Imperial Warship. The other X-Men are also transported up from Magneto’s island.

They’re shown a video of Lilandra being kidnapped, and are told the trail leads to Earth. Chancellor Araki agrees to give the X-Men 24 hours to find and rescue Lilandra, but demands two of them stay on board. Nightcrawler and Kitty are chosen. Xavier fills Kitty’s mind with all he knows about Shi’ar technology. The X-Men are sent back to Earth, and they head to Avengers Mansion. Tigra’s the only one there. Xavier’s trying to find Lilandra, and not having much luck. Up in space, Kitty’s amazed at the sight of a sunrise in space, and then shows Kitty a clothing-making device. She shows off a few styles, including Darth Vader.

Corsair and Storm are taking a walk, and someone aims a futurisitc gun at him. We get our first glimpse of a Brood. They’re pretty creepy. They’re hit with a “Psi-scream” weapon that freaks them out, and then they’re hit by Deathbird. But before she can kill them, Cyclops blasts her. Tigra attacks her, but gets thrown off. Then Deathbird pulls out a couple javelins and fires a beam from them. Colossus blocks it. Cyclops hits Deathbbird again, and she ducks into a construction site. One can assume it’s not going to last very long now.

Storm and Corsair are trying to kill each other, but Xavier snaps them out of it. They’re enraged, and follow Wolverine and Tigra into the construction site. The Brood gets ready to kill Xavier, but Wolverine finds him first. Another Brood fires a tangle-web at Storm. A third fires another beam at Colossus. That one’s acid, and it starts eating through his body. Tigra throws Storm towards Wolverine, who cuts off the web, so she can save Tigra. Then Storm uses lightning and rain to neutralize the acid. Colossus is left with Xavier as the others head into the construction site again, where Corsair’s fighting some Brood. He has no idea what they are. Scott decides he wants to get to know Corsair. They beat up the Brood, but Deathbird has Xavier. She throws her javelin, and a moment later, her ship takes off, collapsing the construction site. Scott blasts them free. They find Colossus seemingly dead, with a javelin through his back and stick out his chest.

Deathbird was a Ms. Marvel villain. With Ms. Marvel basically no longer existing, no one else seemed too interested in using her, aside from a rather embarrassing fight with Hawkeye. Claremont now makes her into an X-Men foe, and she’s stayed an X-Men foe ever since. She doesn’t get a whole lot of development in this issue, but that’s coming. We’re also introduced to the Brood. We don’t find out much else about them yet, but they’ve definitely got a cool visual design. They’re clearly inspired by Alien, by which I mean they’re basically a rip-off of Alien, but they’re more intelligent, capable of speak.

Scott starts to forgive Corsair for not being there for him. He’s decided to put bitterness aside, and wants to get to know his father. It’s a nice development. And then there’s the last-page shocker that was shown on the cover, because dammit, why would they do that? Well, anyway, it’s a great issue, and it only gets better from here. The next couple issues continue this Brood arc, and then a few issues after that, we get an even bigger Brood arc.

  1. Well, now I know that spoiling comics on the front cover isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Also, I’ve always wondered exactly when the brood were introduced. I do know that it does eventually lead to Lockheed’s official introduction though.

  2. I’m such a Claremont mark. His writing style is too much, but he took the concept of X-Men and made it every fanboy’s wet dream. Outer space, international espionage and subterfuge, world-threatening crises, small intimate moments… Back in the late 70s-late-80s, this book had it ALL.

    You ever read X-Men Forever, in which Claremont “finished” his X-Men run, starting from the endpoint of 1991’s X-Men #3? Personally, I thought it was terrible, but you’re the expert.

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