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Uncanny X-Men #156 (1982, April)

July 23, 2013

Well, I’m back. Had a nice weekend with my girlfriend. But I’m also glad to have the Internet again. Now, “Pursuit!”


Yay Starjammers!

Colossus is badly injured, but Cyclops feels a pulse. Some cops arrive, and Tigra tries to deal with them. A spaceship comes down and sucks the X-Men up in a tractor beam. It’s the Starjammers! Colossus is put into a life support module so Sikorsky can try to heal him. We then head to Kitty and Nightcrawler on the Shi’ar ship. Admiral Samedar gloats about Colossus dying. Then he contacts Deathbird, so now we get confirmation he’s working with her. Makes sense.

On Deathbird’s ship, Xavier starts to wake up, and senses an alien. Looks like one of the Brood. Deathbird shows up to tell Lilandra to hand over the throne, and Lilandra freaks out, calling her a matricide. Lilandra and Deathbird are sisters, and Deathbird figures she should have the throne.

We then head back to the Starjammer, for a conversation between Scott and Corsair. We get Corsair’s story – the plane being attacked, the kids being tosses out with a parachute, then he and his wife were beamed onto the ship. Corsair ended up in slave pens, but escaped, and found his wife with Emperor D’Ken. Corsair tried to kill D’Ken with his bare hands, but guards came. D’Ken punished Corsair by killing his wife. Hepzibah comes to let them know they’re found Deathbird’s ship.

They catch up, but Deathbird’s ship doesn’t do anything to escape or defend itself. Then a bigger ship pops up. It looks like a creature with buildings on it, and it swallows both ships whole. Something is attached to the Starjammer’s airlock. Some Brood prepare to board the ship, but the door blows off, and Colossus stands, ready to fight. Hurrah! Not dead! Storm refuses to kill the Brood, which gets her chastised by the Starjammers. While they all fight Brood, Cyclops and Corsair find Xavier and Lilandra. Xavier gets a moment of badassery when he punches a Brood with his bare hands. Don’t mess with Patrick Stewart!

Anyway. Storm and Deathbird fight, and Storm realizes the ship they’re on is alive. She’s distracted for a moment, long enough for Deathbird to kick her into space. She has 30 seconds before she dies. The Starjammer blasts out and rescues her with two seconds to go. In the process, the Starjammer takes a bit of damage. It’ll take 24 hours to repair it. But Earth has only 6 hours before the deadline is passed.

This issue fills in some of Corsair’s backstory, and tells us how he became a Starjammer. It also has some really good action. The reveal of Colossus in the airlock is cool, though it’s not quite as dramatic as it should’ve been. It’s lacking a certain something that would’ve elevated it into a genuinely memorably moment. As it is, it ends up being cool until you turn the page, and then you basically forget about it. The Acanti living ship is neat. It’s a cool concept, and looks really cool. The Brood arc actually gets put on hold for the next few issues, but it’ll be back, in a big way.

  1. I remember reading this arc a few years back and it always irritated me that the X-Men were having a crisis of conscience in the face of alien parasites. Until they introduced Broo a year or two ago, there was no reason to think that the Brood were anything other than evil parasitic space roaches that needed to be stomped out whenever they popped up. I know Claremont was trying to set the X-Men up as nonlethal heroes, but when you’re dealing with an irredeemable scourge on the universe they could have made an exception. I guess it’s not so bad here since the Brood arc hasn’t gotten really underway, but soon enough it starts to grate a lot. Especially when they all get infected with Brood eggs…

    • I think it’s just that choosing to take the life of an intelligent being, no matter how repugnant, should be difficult to do. It should never be easy, for any normal person, to kill something that they know to be intelligent.

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