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Dazzler #14 (1982, April)

July 25, 2013

Here’s a Dazzler comic. It’s called “. . . Without Getting Killed Or Caught. . . . !”

. . . Without Getting Killed Or Caught. . . . !

Hey, She-Hulk! I’m totally on board with She-Hulk.

We start with Harry trying to get Dazzler to the airport. He’s got her a gig in LA. She’s going to be opening for Bruce Harris, a guy who’s supposed to be a dreamboat, but really doesn’t look the part. Maybe the early ’80s were just a really strange time. She finds a bouquet from Ken – her lawyer – waiting for her, then Bruce talks to her, and is a conceited douche.

She does her set, wowing the audience. She spots a sniper in a box, and she blinds him just before he fires, making him miss his target in the audience. The target was Joe Cartelli, the Blue Shield. Remember him? No? You really don’t need to, he’s pretty lame. He was in Dazzler #5, if you want a reminder. Anyway, he changes into his Blue Shield costume, then goes to beat up the sniper. The people who hired the sniper spot him, and try to figure out who he is so they can eliminate him. They decide on it being Lance. You know, Dazzler’s stage manager? Anyway, the boss guy starts talking about his “secret weapon.” It’s a woman! I wonder who it could be!

After the show, Dazzler and the band are relaxing backstage when some thugs break in and grab Dazzler and Lance, who helpfully has his name on his shirt. Did anyone ever actually do that? Wear a shirt with their name across the chest? I find it hard to believe anyone’s ever done that. That seems like something even Donald Trump would find a little too unsubtle. They’re dragged before the criminal leader, who opens a truck to reveal the She-Hulk. One of his guys whipped up a mind control machine. She’s told to kill Blue Shield, and knocks Lance out with a glancing blow. So it’s up to Dazzler to save the day, as usual. Her light burst has no effect on She-Hulk.

There’s an extended fight scene, and by fight, I mean Dazzler trying not to die. She gets into a truck and turns it on, and starts blowing the horn, trying to make as much noise as possible. She manages to knock She-Hulk out. The criminals wake up then, and decide to retreat, but Blue Shield takes them out.

She-Hulk thanks Dazzler for freeing her from the mind control, and gives her a lift back to the theatre, and during the drive, they bond over She-Hulk having been a lawyer before she got her power, and their parents not approving of the paths they’ve taken. At the theatre, the manager says he wants to sign her up to return the next year as a headliner, since he figures she’s going to be big. Bruce Harris is less than pleased.

This is actually a good issue, I must admit. It was enjoyable. Better than usual, despite not being as crazy as usual. Maybe I just happened to be in the right mood to read it. Plus, I do like seeing the She-Hulk pop up. Her own solo series had ended not long before, and it was going to be a little longer before she joined the Avengers. This series is going to get back a little more to Dazzler’s dating life, which is unfortunate, because that stuff was incredibly dull.

The same month also saw the release of the Death of Captain Marvel Graphic Novel. It’s really good. Very touching, emotional stuff. There was also Daredevil #181. Elektra vs. Bullsye. Also really emotional, powerful stuff. Just an amazing story. It still stands up today.

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