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Mass Effect playthrough – Rachni

July 28, 2013

I didn’t get a chance to play yesterday because I was dealing with some crap. But today, Ilos! . . . was not done, because I still had a quick sidequest to take care of.

First, of course, I went to the Citadel to get grounded. It amuses me when Shepard says he can be discrete, and the turian Councilor points out that Shepard detonated a nuclear bomb on Virmire. I can just imagine Shepard replying, “True, but I detonated it discretely.” It is true that Shepard doesn’t seem to do subtlety. Things explode around him.

Then Joker cockblocked me to give me a message from Anderson. Not cool, Joker. That wasn’t a bro move.  Anyway, I met with Anderson. He decided to go to Udina’s office. I love that when he’s asked what he’ll do if Udina’s there, he says he’ll think of something, and the best he can come up with is “punch to the face.” Can’t say I blame him – who doesn’t want to punch Udina – I just find it funny. “Crap, Udina is here. What should I do? Hmm. He’s getting suspicious. I need to come up with an idea fast. Ah, whatever, I’ll just punch him in the face.”

Then I fled the Citadel. I went to take out some rachni. First there was the listening station with no one left alive. From there, I went to help out the Marines who were being overrun. I like Lieutenant Durand. I wouldn’t have minded hearing from her again. I wonder how she fared in the Reaper War. I like to think she survived it. Regardless, I kept her alive, because of course I did. I took some acid spit from the rachni. It didn’t seem to want to go away. Kind of annoying. The cavern was a bit of a fight. The Warriors were tough. But I survived.

And then I headed off to the Cerberus space station. Ashley didn’t recognize the name Cerberus, despite the fact that I’d shut down some of their earlier crap. That was silly. Anyway, I blew the place up. Yay! Made it out with 11 seconds to spare. Cut it pretty close. There have been times I haven’t made it out at all.

Next weekend, I’ll do Ilos and the boss fight. And I’ll start ME2.


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