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Dazzler #15 (1982, May)

July 30, 2013

Somehow I’m not in much of a review mood right now. I’ll do one anyway, though. Today is “Private Eyes.”

Private Eyes

Spider-Woman! And I actually kinda like Dazzler’s soaked look.

Dazzler and the band are in San Francisco, getting ready to play to a crowd of 17 000. She wows the crowd, stealing Bruce Harris’ thunder. Ken, the lawyer, calls her up to ask how things are going, and she starts thinking about the brooch she found. She sees a truck drive by with the same design that was on the brooch, and decides to ask Jessica Drew to look into it, since Jessica’s a private eye. (SIde note: I loved that direction for Jessica. I wouldn’t mind seeing that brought back. Along with Lindsay McCabe – I miss that girl.) Jessica says she’s pretty busy, but that she’ll check into it as soon as she can. Dazzler’s unhappy, since she’s only got a couple days, but agrees. Once Dazzler leaves, Jessica feels a bit bad about being so hard on her, and figures she can find time to look into it. Dazzler’s annoyed at Jessica, and decides to ask around a bit on her own.

She asks a bag-lady about the truck, who points her to the TransAmerica Building. Dazzler has to go rehearse, but while she does, Jessica does her own investigating, by checking out a sign shop. She gives the guy a hundred dollars to get the client’s information, and a contact points her towards the TransAmerica Building.

Dazzler’s checking out the building, and falls down a hole. Jessica hears her scream, and checks it out as Spider-Woman. She wants to get Dazzler out of there, but Dazzler refuses. Because she’s stupid. Jessica beats up some guard dogs, but Dazzler still refuses to leave. She goes into the next room, which is just an empty room. But then it starts filling with water. Spider-Woman gets them out of there, growing increasingly annoyed with Dazzler. The next room starts filling with gas, and with a pair of robots. Dazzler manages to take them both out. Then the walls start closing in. Dazzler makes Spider-Woman sing so she can get the power to fire a laser through the wall.

In the final room, they find a lockbox with a roll of film. They climb out through an air vent, then check out the film. Turns out they just went through a SHIELD training course designed by Xavier. It was shut down, but for some reason, they had someone keep stopping by to feed the dogs, and they never bothered to dismantle the traps. Which . . . doesn’t say much about SHIELD, frankly. I mean, I would think that when you stop using a dangerous training course full of death traps, you wouldn’t just leave it lying around in working condition. So this whole issue actually ends up making no sense. The whole plot is based on the idea that the world’s premier counter-terrorism agency would leave a bunch of death traps completely unattended. They didn’t even take the dogs! Why would they leave behind the dogs? And why wouldn’t they have at least a couple guys continuing to guard the place, if only to make sure that no idiots stumble in and get themselves killed? They didn’t even lock the damned door! How wildly irresponsible are we supposed to think SHIELD is?

It was nice seeing Spider-Woman pop up. Her own series was still pretty good, though it had gone bi-monthly, I don’t know if it was because of weak sales or simple deadline issues. Claremont had given her an interesting supporting cast, including Lindsay McCabe and Detective Sabrina Morrel (speaking of, she’s another character I wouldn’t mind seeing again; would’ve been really nice seeing her when the X-Men moved to San Francisco a couple years ago, but I guess no one remembered her). That book was much better than Dazzler, which continues to be meh.

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