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Mass Effect playthrough – Ilos

August 3, 2013

So I’ve now finished Mass Effect. Again.

Start off with the cheesy romance scene between Shepard and Ash. I chose a few sarcastic comments, like pointing out that the captain died in the poem she quotes. There are a couple good lines, but most of it is kinda laughable. No more so than the others, though, and perhaps slightly less.

Joker’s quiet confidence when he says he can drop the Mako is really cool.  You go, Joker.

I brought Wrex and Liara. I figured Liara’s biotics would be a lot more useful than Ash shooting things. And Wrex is awesome.

Ilos is really cool. None of the fighting there was too tough. Even the pair of Armatures at the beginning went down easily enough, thanks to AI Hacking and Sabotage. But they did a good job with the atmosphere. It feels like a dead city, with the plants reclaiming it. Vigil’s pretty cool, too. And then the Conduit run. That bit’s really cool. Watching the Mako’s shields go down as you get closer and closer to the Conduit – really nice.

And then the Mako gets to go out doing what it loves the most – flipping like a bitch.

The scene of Sovereign reaching the Citadel is really cool. The whole space battle looks good. And then it’s time to fight up the outside of the Citadel Tower. Woot.

There’s a lot of tough enemies here. However, none of those tough enemies can resist Lift or Singularity. So they don’t end up being that threatening. I can take them out with little problem.

Until I reach the cannons. Those turrets are a pain in the ass. I died there the first try, and had to re-do the whole frigging fight back up to that point. Then I used the keen strategy of sending Wrex and Liara out to distract them while I shot at them from way back in cover. I managed to beat them the second time. Much as I dislike that one part, the rest of the level is really cool. Especially Sovereign looming in the background, getting bigger the closer you get.

I talked Saren into shooting himself, because that’s fun to do, and let me avoid a pain-in-the-ass fight. I decided to save the Council. As a soldier, Shepard’s duty is to protect civilians. He won’t sacrifice civilians if there’s any way to avoid it. He figures he has to be better than that.

And then it’s time to kill Saren again, because he’s a big Bond fan. (You Only Live Twice? See, he dies, but then he comes back, so he lives . . . never mind.) That’s a bit of an annoying fight, because of the way he jumps around. Lift and Singularity both work on him, so that helped a lot. Gave me a clearer shot at him. I kept forgetting to use grenades. I’d planned on using some in that fight, but they totally slipped my mind. Oh well. No big deal. I still killed him without dying.

And then it’s cutscene time. I love Joker finishing Sovereign off. Totally bitchin’. And Liara and Wrex looked so sad when they thought Shepard was dead. But Shepard was alive. Nothing kills Commander Shepard! . . . until the beginning of ME2. But that’s another post.

And now humanity gets to join the Council! Hurrah! Everyone’s going to love us now! Right? Right? No? Oh well. I declined to put forward a nomination for Councilor. Shepard doesn’t want to get involved in politics. He’d rather slam his head against a brick wall than have to deal with political crap.

I’ll give my thoughts on the game as a whole tomorrow. And maybe my thoughts on what Shepard was up to between games. Next weekend, I start Mass Effect 2!

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  1. I know that if you have a high enough paragon or renegade count, you can actually convince Saren to shoot himself. You still have to fight him after Sovereign powers him up, but it makes the final fight a little shorter.

    Either way, this game has one of the best game endings I’ve ever seen, and I’ve played a lot of games. Every main plot threat the game starts is finished neatly, and it makes you want to play the next one without resorting to a cliffhanger.

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