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Mass Effect 2 playthrough – Freedom’s Progress

August 10, 2013

I began my ME2 playthrough today, with my Male Paragon Colonist Sole Survivor Engineer Shepard.

First task: Die! It’s a hell of an intro, seeing the Normandy get shot apart. I think the best part is when you emerge onto the CIC. The doors open, and all sounds just cut right off. The music, the sound effects – the only thing you hear is Shepard’s breathing. It’s a fantastic touch. And then looking around the wrecked CIC, looking out the big hole in the ceiling – really cool.

And then I get to be a shooting star. How romantic. I’m like a poem or something.

The sequence of Shepard being fixed up is pretty neat to watch. I chose not to change anything, and I kept Stasis as my bonus power that I’ll probably never end up using. An ammo power likely would’ve made more sense, but I kinda want to stick with the same power throughout the series, and Stasis seemed like a reasonable power for Shepard to focus on.

Anyway. Lazarus Station is a little annoying, to be honest. All the alarms get tiring fast, as does the tutorial aspect of it. I’ve beaten the game often enough already, I don’t need the tutorial. Overload gets off to a useful start against the mechs. I’ve also got a couple points in Combat Drone, which I plan on abusing throughout the game. It’s a good power. Wilson couldn’t be more suspicious if he had a giant flashing arrow pointing at him saying he’s a traitor. As soon as he challenges Jacob to explain Wilson getting shot, it becomes clear that he’s the one responsible for it all, and that he almost certainly shot himself. Especially since he was shot in the leg despite being behind cover. And since he was in a room without any mechs around him. He’s also an idiot. When Jacob mentions the Illusive Man, Wilson helpfully adds that it’s not his real name. Because I wouldn’t have figured that out on my own. I wish I could punch him. Or shoot him in the leg again.

Miranda sure knows how to make an entrance. And is pretty good with a one-liner. “Do you really think he’s capable of that?” “Not any more.” Awesome.

The Illusive Man – who I will now call TIM from now on – is cool. I like TIM. He’s charismatic. Martin Sheen did a great job. I showed reluctance to work with him, but since I’m not actually given a choice, I went along with it. For now.

And then it’s off to Freedom’s Progress, which is kinda spooky with how quiet and empty it is. Luckily some mechs came along to make things interesting. No real problems. My screen went red a couple times, but I was never really close to dying. It was nice meeting Tali again. I was wearing my N7 armour, so her recognizing me wasn’t as odd as if I was wearing, saying, the Collector Armour. As I was the first time I played the game. That made that meeting a little odd. How would she know it’s me when my whole face is covered? Oh well.

More fighting, blah blah blah, hey! YMIR mech! Combat Drone keeps it distracted, Overload takes out its shields, lots of shooting finishes it off. Piece of cake. That actually was a really easy fight; I usually have a tough time with that first YMIR. (Speaking of YMIRs: One on the Lazarus Station uses a rocket against a guy who’s, like, a foot away. That seemed a bit excessive. It could’ve killed him just as easily just by punching him in the head.) I guess I’m just getting the hang of them, because even on Veteran, at a low level, it didn’t trouble me at all. Maybe I’m ready to bump the difficulty up again. Next playthrough, whenever that is.

And now I find out who’s behind the abductions: Collectors. Damned Collectors. Probably just a bunch of losers living in their parents’ basement, freaking out over making sure their collectibles stay in pristine shape so they don’t lose any value.

I let Tali take Veetor, because I’m not a jerk. Tali’s a friend, I’m not going to betray her like that. I don’t care what Cerberus thinks of me.

And now Joker! Hurrah! I got my sarcastic pilot back! And I got my ship back. But it’s better than ever, because it has leather seats. Can’t argue with that. Joker’s sure it’ll be better than the old days. I point out it had better be. I died. Jokes about dying are always funny. I talked to everyone on my ship. Gardner’s awesome. He’s one of my favourite characters. It’s a shame that BioWare let him slip through the cracks in 3. Heh. Incidentally, Gardner is voiced by the same guy who does Udina. Which is hilarious. Ken and Gabby are good, too. I chose not to flirt with Kelly. I was nice, just not flirtatious. I’m going to do my best to get her to feed my fish – because I need my fish – but I’m not going to hook up with her. I’m going to sleep with Jack, instead. Uh, spoiler alert.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the Normandy Crash Site, recruit Kasumi and Zaeed, and probably get Mordin.

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