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Mass Effect 2 playthrough – Mordin

August 11, 2013

More ME2.

I started by recruiting Kasumi. I like her. She’s a lot of fun. Her subtle ads her a lot of fun, especially when she starts getting annoyed. She’s got a sense of humour, and that’s always nice to see. Plus, I love Shadow Strike. Between her dialogue and her Shadow Strike, I almost always bring her with me.

Then I did the Normandy Crash Site. It’s OK. I placed the statue next to the big chunk of the hull with Normandy written on it. I got all 20 dog tags, which always makes me wonder how big the crew was. You’re told that “most” of the crew survived. But then you find 20 dog tags. And later on, we find out that the Normandy 2 has 24 crew members. And it’s twice the size of the original Normandy. So how many crew did the original Normandy have? Oh well. Ignore it, I suppose.

Then, it’s on to Omega. Aria’s awesome. “Queen, if you’re feeling dramatic.” I love that line. She’s a badass, and she knows it, and she knows everyone else knows it. I asked her about Mordin, then wandered around. I helped out Kenn, the quarian. I gave him the money to get off-world. I’m nice like that. I only did that after threatening to break Harrot’s legs, of course. Which . . . is an odd approach for a Paragon, but OK. I felt bad about terrifying poor Harrot like that. But then I bought a few things from him. And then I helped Kenn to leave, taking away some of Harrot’s competition. Also, Kasumi waxed poetic about the light on Omega. It was actually a pretty interesting viewpoint she has. I like it.

It was nice seeing Helena Blake again. I lost out on some experience in the last game because I didn’t kill her. I’m glad she’s trying to help people. I also got poisoned at Afterlife, and then provoked the crowd into shooting the bastard.

Finally, it’s into the quarantine zone. The turian guard raises a valid point about my grenade launcher. Though I actually had a black hole launcher. Simple mistake.

I kinda suck with the Phalanx. It’s taking some getting used to. I’m considering switching back to one of the other Heavy Pistols. I haven’t decided. I may just stick with the Phalanx, see if I can get used to that laser sight a bit more. The problem is that, as an Engineer, I like to hang back, and the Phalanx laser sight can be tough to see at a distance. Though that might just be because the TV is old. A hi-def TV would probably work better for the Phalanx. But yeah, I had a hard time fighting through those vorcha. My Drone wasn’t much good; it was only level 2, and it’s really only level 4 before it becomes awesome. I do have a point of Incinerate; that did a lot more good here.

Mordin! I love Mordin. I love the way the sharp angle changes the camera makes when he’s talking. It really helps to highlight his thinking process. Mordin’s an easy character to like, with his fast talking and deductive reasoning. And his hidden badass side. That he’s so calm about killing a Blue Suns squad – he doesn’t even treat it as a problem – is really cool.

I spared the batarians threatening Daniel. I also saved the batarian at the start. I’m a nice guy. I don’t hate batarians. Even if that Mad Prophet batarian is insane. But I did actually amuse myself by listening to his rants. I also stopped those looters; the only one allowed to steal from the dead is me. I’m also allowed to steal from the living. I’m just allowed to steal, basically. I do enjoy theft.

Anyway. Next weekend, Archangel.

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