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Uncanny X-Men #159 (1982, July)

August 12, 2013

Ooh, here’s a good one. Bill Sienkewicz does the art for the done-in-one “Night Screams!”

Night Screams!

Kind of a frightening cover, too.

It starts with the X-Men bursting into Misty Knight’s apartment. Unfortunately, Misty isn’t home. Her roommate, Harmony, is. And she’s a little surprised by the group of costumed people busting into her apartment without warning. She adapts entirely too quickly. Because she’s an odd, odd woman. She was dating Luke Cage at the time, and had the weirdest priorities possible. So she ends up agreeing to let them stay. Wolverine points out that Kitty has to go meet her family, and Kitty asks Storm to come with her. Storm points out she doesn’t have any appropriate clothes. Harmony to the rescue.

We then have an interlude to Scott and Alex talking in the desert. Scott stages an impromptu test of Alex’s power by getting him to blow up a boulder. Then they head back to the shack, where Lorna’s prepared dinner. Though she says Alex is better.

Back to the apartment. Kitty calls to check on Ororo, but Ororo isn’t back, even though she left Kitty hours earlier. She’s brought to the hospital with a throat wound and a lot of blood loss. Wolverine and Colossus head over, and Storm’s already up and about and wanting to leave. Back at the apartment, she tries to sleep, but keeps tossing and turning, and eventually gets up to open the balcony window, and invites the fog in. Later, Kitty returns home, and rushes into Ororo’s room. The sunlight hurts her, and she’s wearing a silk scarf with a fancy emblazoned ‘D’. Storm also flinches away from the Star of David around Kitty’s neck. Kitty becomes suspicious.

That night, Dracula visits Storm again. Kitty busts into the room with a cross, which has no effect on Dracula since she doesn’t actually believe in it. When he grabs her throat, though, he burns his hand on her Star of David. Dracula flies away, with Storm following. Kitty tells the others what happened. Wolverine’s sceptical, but Nightcrawler believes her. Either way, they follow her, and track her to Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Dracula attacks, and we get a Fastball Special (FS Tracker: 8 – this is the first since #142!). He kicks their asses in hand-to-hand, until Nightcrawler grabs a couple sticks to form a cross with. Dracula summons lightning to deal with him. Seems a bit of overkill, but OK.

Kitty slips into the castle to find Storm. She finds her. Storm seems to be a vampire, but Kitty reasons out that she’s not dead yet. She gives Storm a chance to kill her. Outside, Nightcrawler brings the lightning to Dracula. He only gets all the X-Men knocked out. Storm comes out, and then fries him with some lightning of her own, forcing him to flee, but she chases him. He ultimately defeats her physically, but she resists him mentally. He concedes.

It’s a good issue. Dracula is really menacing. Sienkewicz doesn’t bring the same style and energy he brought to Moon Knight. His work here is pretty straight-forward comic book stuff. I would’ve preferred if he’d made it more stylized. The inking doesn’t really help. Even the colouring could’ve done more to enhance the mood. Claremont’s writing is stronger. We get a nice reminder of Kitty’s faith. And for the first time, we see that Nightcrawler is religious, too. Yep, it took 7 years for us to learn that he’s religious. Seems funny to think that, since it ended up becoming one of his most prominent character traits in later years. This story will actually get a follow-up later in the year, in the 1982 Uncanny X-Men Annual.

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