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Mass Effect 2 playthrough – Archangel

August 17, 2013


First, I talked to the people on my ship. Talked to Mordin about his STG work, Jacob about his post-Alliance work, Miranda about her past. Cleaned Ken and Gabby out in a poker game. Got drunk with Chakwas – that’s a really nice scene. It’s sweet.

Then it was back to Omega, to recruit Archangel. I saved a kid’s life, because I’m a nice guy. Then I took Zaeed and Kasumi to the merc attack site. I definitely don’t like the Phalanx. I’m going to switch back to another Heavy Pistol. I’m also looking forward to getting a better SMG. I’ll get a good one on Kasumi’s Loyalty mission, which is what I’ll do next. I reprogrammed the Eclipse YMIR mech and stabbed Cathka in the back. I may be a Paragon, but I’m not stupid. I’m there to kill mercs, so I’m going to kill mercs.

Then I got to meet up with Archangel. Hey, it’s Garrus! Yay! He sounds exhausted. But no time to rest, because there’s people to kill. I shot up some mechs until the YMIR showed up. Then I just sat there and let it kill everyone. So much easier. Then into the tunnels – that was a pain. The Engineer just isn’t very strong, in terms of offence or defence. So it was really tough holding the enemies back while the shutters closed. Especially the last shutter. I used the Blackstorm to clear out the room – I always bring it along just for that, because it’s really good for that. But then I died twice trying to hold the shutter. And almost died a third time.

The Blood Pack wasn’t too bad, I suppose, though they do take a chunk of damage to kill. And then the Blue Suns showed up again. I actually knocked out Jentha, rather than killing her. I like to imagine Shepard turned her over to the police. She had a cool look, so I kinda liked her. The gunship wasn’t too bad. It took a lot of damage, but it didn’t have shields, so it could’ve been worse. But I definitely disliked doing this fight. I don’t like either of the guns I’m using, and the Engineer is a very weak class. I may have to bump the difficulty back down to Normal – the Engineer just doesn’t seem to do too well on Veteran. Or at least I don’t do well with it.

And then I talked to everyone again. I learned that Mordin wasn’t honest. “Lie of omission. Also other kinds.” That’s a great line. I kept insisting that the genophage was wrong, and that the modification was also wrong. I actually see the value of it, but my Shepard looks at it as a borderline war crime. Then I went down to talk to Garrus, and got his story. Poor Garrus. It’s OK, big buddy. You did your best.

Tomorrow: The Citadel, and Kasumi’s Loyalty mission. That should be . . . a pain in the ass, actually.

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