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Mass Effect 2 playthrough – Kasumi’s Loyalty

August 18, 2013

Fun times.

I started off by going to the Citadel. I brought Kasumi, because she gets some funny lines at a couple places. “I swear I didn’t touch anything.” Bailey’s cool, but he’s actually a terrible cop. Abusing suspects, ignoring rules that annoy him. Later on, we even find out that he accepts bribes. His demeanour makes him easy to like, but he’s not someone who should be a police captain.

Then it’s Anderson and the Council. I got my old job back. Cool.  I got discounts at all the stores, and bought the things that help me. And fish. I listened in on various amusing conversations. I helped the quarian accused of theft. Jerks. I’m making a habit of helping quarians on their Pilgrimage. I’m starting to think Shepard should start up a business doing that.

Anyway. Then I did Kasumi’s Loyalty mission. I really like it. It’s a lot of fun. The thief stuff at the beginning is really fun, and different from the usual stuff. A nice change of pace. Hock’s accent amuses me. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. Eastern European, I guess? Russian? Whatever. It’s really fun doing all that stuff.

Then the combat starts. Shepard and Kasumi, alone against Hock’s entire security force, is almost a fair fight. It’s not easy. Engineer is a weak class, and I didn’t have the Attack Drone yet, so it wasn’t doing any damage. But it kept certain enemies distracted. And at least I have a good gun now; the Locust is very nice. It’s my new permanent weapon, at least until I can get the Assault Rifle training on the Collector Ship. Then I can start dishing out some damage with the Mattock.

Kasumi’s little scene of taking down the gunship’s shields is a little silly. But it’s also actually pretty cool. It’s a total action movie moment, complete with a flock of birds behind her, but it’s done with enough style that it’s acceptable. Especially he little wave and backflip to the ground.

Kasumi going into Kaiji’s graybox was nice. It looked cool, and it was also kinda sweet. I let her keep the graybox, though I do think it’s a bit worrisome. She shouldn’t really get bogged down in memories like that. But hey, it’s her call.

Next weekend: Things, probably.

One Comment
  1. It’s also the first time in the series you get to see a booming human metropolis, rather than visiting colonies or ruins. At least in my opinion, Kasumi is much more fun than Zaeed. The party scene is also great, and thankfully doesn’t waste too much time before the action begins.

    Becoming a SPECTER in Mass Effect 2 is kind of pointless though. The only real difference is that the interrogation scene can go differently if your renegade is high enough.

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