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Mass Effect 2 playthrough – Jack and Grunt

August 25, 2013

I didn’t play yesterday, but I did two missions today, so it’s OK.

First, I went to the Purgatory prison ship to get Jack. I kinda like the ship, actually. It’s a neat concept, albeit horribly unethical. The warden trying to get Shepard to go into a cell was pretty stupid. I’m Commander Eric Fricking Shepard. You know what I call a small army of mercenaries? A sidequest. I fought through hordes of geth and krogan when I was going up against Saren. And I’m supposed to be impressed by a bunch of prison guards? Please. I slaughtered my way through them, wishing Jack’s awesomeness in the cutscene would’ve translated into gameplay. I’ll probably barely use her. The Combat Drone is less useful against YMIR mechs than I remember. I died once on the Kuril fight. I took out the two pylons to the left, but then the one to the right had too many people for me to get through. I ended up getting caught in a crossfire. The second time, I took out the right pylon first, and then did the other two in quick succession. After that, it was just a matter of finishing Kuril. I had some trouble keeping Garrus alive throughout the level. He kept dying on me.

And then I met Jack in person. She’s kind of a bitch, but she also came around to trust me surprisingly quickly. Quicker than she probably should’ve, really. Oh well. I had fun talking to her down in the hold. Her pirate suggestion sounded kinda fun. Too bad I can’t give it a try.

Then, it’s off to recruit Warlord Okeer. Jedore’s announcements have a certain charm. I kinda like the layout of the level. It gives a good feel of it being a training ground. All the cover just sells that. That one tank-bred krogan sounds a lot like Michael Dorn. I know he did a krogan later on, but it sounds like he did that tank-bred one, too. Just with whispers. Anyway, I wish I could’ve brought the poor guy with me, but he wanted to stay behind. The platforms with all the krogan is actually really easy – I just take cover on one platform, and then kill the krogan as they come one at a time. Fish in a barrel. I ran into Rana Thanoptis again. You have no idea how disappointed I am that we don’t get to meet her again in ME3. I liked her. She knows how much I appreciate a big explosion. And Okeer appreciates them too. He could be my bro! He’d be Bro-keer! Anyway, killing Jedore. I had to try that one a second time, not because I died, but because I got myself stuck in some scenery. I went out the door and wound up up the wall. So annoying. The second fight wasn’t too bad, though, so no big deal.

And then Grunt! Sweet. That’s a hell of an introduction he makes. He looks like he towers above Shepard – the camera angle makes him look massive. Talking him down was simple enough. I’m glad to have him on the team. He’s a powerhouse, always nice to have around. I should probably start varying my team a bit more. I like Miranda and Kasumi as my squad – no heavy firepower, but they’ve got really good powers.

Next weekend: I may or may not play. I move back to Ottawa next Sunday, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to play on Saturday.

  1. You are going to love Grunt as you keep playing! And I suggest you have Grunt and Garrus on your squad together sometime, they make some hilarious comments to each other- there my favorite duo.
    And also I totally agree with you about Jack being a bitch. She always annoyed the shit out of me and she really doesn’t get much better, but I did like to take her out on my squad because I found her biotics useful.
    Have fun playing Mass Effect 2! It’s the Empire Strikes Back of the Mass Effect trilogy. It’s one the best games I have ever played.

    • I’ve played the trilogy repeatedly. I think this is probably my 11th playthrough of 2. Truthfully, it’s my least favourite of the trilogy. I actually don’t really like bringing Garrus along – he always dies on me. He seems to die more than any other squadmate.

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