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Dazzler #19 (1982, September)

August 27, 2013

I actually like the title of this story. It’s called “Creel . . . and Inhuman Treatment!”

Creel . . . and Inhuman Treatment!

It bugs me when covers give away what happens in a story.

Now that Absorbing Man is made of light, he decides he doesn’t need Dazzler any more, and runs off to kill the Avengers. She calls the Avengers, but Jarvis thinks it’s a kid making a prank call. She tries the Fantastic Four, but they’re unavailable. So she skates over to the Baxter Building instead.

Meanwhile, Angel is thinking about his investigation into Dazzler’s mother, and how it’s going nowhere. Well, maybe you should stop being a creepy stalker and give up on investigating the past of a woman who explicitly told you to get out of her life. Just a thought. But no, of course you won’t do that. Angel should probably also talk to someone about his commitment issues; once he joins the Defenders, he starts falling for Moondragon, even though he’s still dating Candy Southern.

Dazzler reaches the Baxter Building, and uses her own light powers to activate their elevator. The FF aren’t there, but when she’s fiddling with their communication equipment, she reaches the Inhumans on the moon. She explains the situation, and Black Bolt decides to help out. He grabs Dazzler and flies to the Absorbing Man, then attacks, but without success. Before Absorbing Man can kill him, Dazzler gets in the way and blasts him with light. Ken and Angel both see the fight on TV, and both decide to rush over. Ken is concerned about Dazzler, Angel wants to help in the fight, despite being the most useless hero ever.

Black Bolt comes up with a plan. He’s going to shout, giving Dazzler tons of sound energy she can absorb and blast Absorbing Man with, in the hopes of basically giving him more than he can stand. It works, and Absorbing Man is knocked out, back to human.

Meanwhile, Dazzler’s father has had a mental breakdown. Dazzler’s new singer friend, Vanessa, goes to her voice coach, and finds something that shocks her.

This is pretty good. As always, Fingeroth did better with the superhero side than the personal side. The fight with the Absorbing Man is cool and exciting, with the way they beat him being really neat. On the other hand, he certainly seemed to be taking his sweet time heading to Avengers Mansion. A minor gripe, but something that kinda amused me. I actually also liked seeing her use her powers to activate the FF’s elevator. That was neat. But now we’re about to get into all sorts of stuff about Dazzler’s personal life, and Fingeroth sucked at that stuff. On the plus side, the next issue will have two of the greatest villains ever.

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