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Uncanny X-Men #162 (1982, October)

September 9, 2013

All right, back to some reviews. Today, “Beyond the Farthest Star.”

Beyond the Farthest Star


Wolverine’s running around an alien jungle. Some plant thing sprays him with an hallucinogenic pollen, and after a brief hallucination, he wakes up to find himself attacked by Brood hunters. He ends up falling, and lands on a giant web. WHen he wakes up, he gets a look at the area. It’s one of the Brood’s sentient starships, dead. A huge one, with its ribs reacing above the breathable atmosphere.

Then Wolverine has a flashback to the feast on Lilandra’s ship. They were taken out by a stun bomb, and when he came to, they were surrounded by Brood, but there was also an illusion telling them things were fine. They were taken before the Brood Queen-Mother, who implanted eggs in them.

He wakes up again in the present, and goes into a berserker rage, killing a bunch of scavengers. e even says his, “I’m the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn’t very nice.” The first time he used that line in Uncanny, and only the second time he’s used it overall. Clearly, Claremont really liked that line when he came up with it. He starts to climb, then hits the end of the line. He lies down, ready to die.

Another flashback. The night before. He woke up, and knew what had happened. He tried to tell Storm, but she dismissed him, so he sneaked out on his own. He saw Fang turn into a Brood.

He wakes up again in the present, refusing to give up. He sees the Fang Brood, and jumps on his back. He’s taken to a bunch more Brood, who he kills. Then he starts to transform. Luckily, his adamantium skeleton and his healing factor manage to help him resist, though it’s left him temporarily looking a little reptilian.

This is an intense issue. It’s Wolverine-focused, and has some appropriately brutal action, well-drawn by Cockrum. Interestingly, the issue has a mix of narration boxes and thought bubbles for Wolverine. The boxes became something of a Wolverine trademark. The somewhat disjointed way the story is told works well to show us his frame of mind. And the horror when he – and we – realizes what had happened, and what’s happening, is very good. It’s disturbing stuff, and gives a major sense of danger. You’re really left wondering how the X-Men are going to get out of this one.

And it’ll still be several more issues before they do.

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