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Uncanny X-Men #163 (1982, November)

September 16, 2013

And we now return to the Brood Saga, with “Rescue Mission.”

Rescue Missions

Convenient how all those cuts have avoided her torso. Also, that’s scary stuff.

It starts with Carol Danvers being tortured by the Brood as they study and experiment on her. Wolverine tracks her, kills the Brood scientists, and frees her by smashing the console they were using to manipulate her features. Her scent isn’t human, but they’ve got a mission to do, so they continue on. She feels surprisingly energetic.

We have a quick interlude on Earth. The Mansion’s being repaired, and Havok and Corsair drop in to talk to Lorna and let her know the X-Men and Lilandra were kidnapped. Corsair leaves Havok behind and beams back to the Starjammer to mount a rescue mission.

Back to space. Cyclops is running from some Brood, and hooks up with the other X-Men, who all become Brood. e then sees a reflection of himself as a Brood. A giant Xavier sweeps away the Brood and picks Cyclops up, and Cyclops marshals all his psychic resistance. Then he wakes up. He finds Storm in a trance, and sees a brief flash of energy around her in the form of a Brood. He wakes her up, and she talks about being at war with herself.

Then Wolverine and Carol find them, and come up with a plan for escaping with Lilandra’s ship. They get the others, but Colossus, Nightcrawler and Kitty still see the illusion of Lilandra’s palace rather than the reality of the Brood planet. The team is split, with Cyclops, Wolverine, Carol and Colossus looking for Lilandra, and the others getting the ship. They come under attack, but the Brood hold back. Wolverine goes after the Queen Mother, trying to kill her,

Meanwhile, Storm has gotten Nightcrawler and Kitty high enough that they can teleport the rest of the way to the yacht. Kitty phases inside, and gets attacked by a Brood. She goes into an airlock, but it follows her. She becomes intangible, and it accidentally opens the airlock, blowing itself into space.

Back down at the fight, Wolverine’s reached the Queen Mother. But right before he can deliver the killing blow, the X-Men are all beamed up. Wolverine’s angry, but he doesn’t have much time to be upset, because they’re about to be shot at.

The story’s progressing really well. It’s very cool. Very tense. The action sequences are brutal, especially with Wolverine not holding back at all. His uncertainty about what to do about the Brood eggs inside them is also really poignant. Cyclops doesn’t know what’s going on, but even he feels like they’ve already lost. There’s also something interesting going on with Carol. She’s about to undergo a big change . . . which doesn’t end up leading to much in the next few years, as she ends up becoming just an occasional guest star in UXM, as a Starjammer. Oh well. We also start to see the first hints of what will become a major change for Storm – she’s out of tune with the Brood planet, something which carries on when she returns to Earth. But in the meantime, the Brood Saga itself is fantastic stuff from Claremont and Cockrum.

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