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Uncanny X-Men #165 (1983, January)

October 21, 2013

Well, after a couple weeks off, I’m back to do another normal review. My apologies for my slips the past couple weeks; I was stressing a bit from school. I still am, of course, but I’m trying to handle it better. Anyway, today’s story is “Transfigurations!”


I don’t think that’s a good look for her.

So, the previous issue ended with Carol Danvers – now Binary – angrily busting out of the ship the X-Men were on, causing explosive decompression that was going to suck the team out into space. Though I think technically it’s blown out. Cyclops immediately goes into leadership mode, getting Colossus to block the hole with his body, Nightcrawler teleports Lilandra to the bridge, and Wolverine starts cutting a chunk of metal out of the floor to seal the hole. Everyone’s safe. Now the only problem is the X-Men are dying.

Back on Earth, Moira, Stevie and Illyana are relaxing at the pool. Moira and Stevie get up, and Stevie immediately has to sit back down due to a muscle cramp in her leg. Her bad leg is a recurring theme for her. It does get old. Moira goes into the house to talk to Xavier, telling him about a letter Reed Richards sent about Xi’an Coy Manh. Obviously, this takes place immediately before the New Mutants Graphic Novel. Xavier refuses to help. Moira says she could always be sent to Magneto or the Hellfire Club. He’s reluctant to take another student on after losing the X-Men, but he’s swayed.

Back to space, where Storm is in a small shuttle, thinking about the situation she’s in. The Brood inside her is evil, but it’s still a sentient being. She’s sworn to preserve life, but if she does nothing, the Brood will kill her and be unleashed on the universe. Tough call. She starts to transform, but the shuttle exits a nebula into the galactic core, and she draws power from all the suns there, and forces it back down. She decides to use the respite to commit suicide. Quite successfully. Storm’s dead, and she’ll never appear again.

Back on Lilandra’s yacht, repairs are coming along, but they’re not sure where to go. Wolverine wants to go back to the Brood world to kill the queen. Lilandra agrees, and is kinda scary. Scott ultimately agrees, too. Wolverine sees Nightcrawler praying, another indication of his strong faith. Kitty’s sleeping, and we find out she turned 14 while out in space. She has a dream of seeing her own funeral, and then being turned into a Brood. Colossus comforts her by saying everyone dies eventually,, and she wants to bow-chicka-wow-wow, but he says she’s still too young. Before she can convince him, they’re interrupted by Vampire Storm. Wolverine and Nightcrawler are drinking some alien booze, and get a visit from a Savage Land Storm, and then from a child Ororo. Everyone gathers on the bridge, where a teen Storm shows up, then becomes an old Storm. The yacht is swallowed by an Acanti spacewhale, and Storm finally appears normal.

She then mentions that she and the Acanti are one being.

As usual, it’s stellar work. Paul Smith is a great artist, though I’m not keen on the goggles he gives Scott. But other than that, it’s a lot of great stuff. Good work with facial expressions and body language. Storm’s transformation is creepy. Kitty’s dream probably could’ve been done better – the art was excellent, I’m just not too crazy about the layout. Feels like Smith could’ve done more there. But no big deal. Claremont’s writing is at the usual standard. Stevie’s moaning about her leg was a bit annoying. The scene between Kitty and Colossus also makes me a bit uncomfortable. He’s 18, she’s 14.  That’s enough of an age difference to be unsettling.

Still. Another awesome part in an awesome storyline.

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