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X-Men comics (October 30, 2013)

October 30, 2013

I’m undecided on whether I should just put this blog on hiatus. While I think it over, I may as well still do these weekly reviews.

First, X-Men Battle of the Atom #2, by frigging everyone, it looks like. So the Helicarrier’s just launched an assload of missiles at the gathered X-Men. While the X-Men work together to shoot the missiles out of the sky, SHIELD tries to get control of their systems, and Quire deals with Future Jean and Xavier. SHIELD manages to get control, but not before launching some anti-mutant ordnance.  You can guess what that means. Sentinels! Future Beast gets killed. So does Future Jubilee. Future Colossus has his brain turned off by Xavier. And Future Jean goes batshit crazy attacking Present Scott and Wolverine. Then it’s Past X-Men to the rescue, including a panel that’s homaging X-Men #1, with Future Jean taking Magneto’s place. Angel’s even got that pipe or whatever it is. Eventually, Future Jean blows up. Magik teleports everyone back to the JGS before SHIELD can get on the ground. They talk about needing to send the Past X-Men hope once Beast figures out how, and they also talk about SHIELD having Sentinels. That’s epilogue 1. Epilogue 2 is Kymera – the future daughter of Storm – has decided to stay in the present to hunt the Future Brotherhood. There’s also a really sweet moment between Jubilee and Future Shogo. Epilogue 3 is the Future X-Men leaving. And epilogue 4 is Kitty quitting the JGS, and taking the Past X-Men with her to the New Xavier School. Yes. Yes yes yes. Kitty and Scott are my two favourite comic book characters. In that order. And now it’s possible that I’ll occasionally get two Scotts and Kitty in the same book. That has me so excited. Plus, Kitty getting to interact with Magik and Emma, two characters she always had awesome relationships with. She and Illyana were great friends, and her rivalry with Emma made for great fun. I’m also glad to see her relationship with Iceman apparently ended. I never liked them as a couple. As for this issue, it’s a good conclusion. Some great action, mixed with plenty of great character moments. The art was good. I think Jason Aaron was the primary writer, despite what the cover says. (And Frank Cho isn’t listed on the credits page at all.) The epilogues are all nice, too. They set up some upcoming plots, and some look pretty neat. The moment between Jubilee and her grown son, as I said, was really, really sweet. Brian Wood is doing a lot of great, heart-warming stuff with Jubilee. If the epilogue is anything to go by, it looks like he’ll be adding Kymera to X-Men. I’m not sure how I feel about that. That cast is getting pretty full already. Though I guess he presumably just lost Kitty. Still, that’ll be the other five he started with, plus Monet joining soon, plus Karima presumably sticking around, plus Bling! in a supporting role. Kymera would put the book at 9 characters with significant roles. Well, we’ll see.

Uncanny X-Force #13, by Sam Humphries and Phil Briones. Psylocke sends out an emergency telepathic message recapping the story – it actually feels like a very classic bit of writing – but no one hears it. Psylocke’s a bit pissed about it, and complains about not being able to get a decent vacation. Wego to a meeting of the Owl Queen’s cult, where some guy wants to join. X-Force is figuring out a plan to take her out, but Spiral wants to save Ginny. While they bicker, Cassandra Nova kills the dude and opens the Great Corruption – a portal that a whole lot of Revenants will be pouring through. Fight time! Cassandra takes Spiral out by showing her Black Bug Room – what she fears the most, which is the life she could’ve had without Mojo. Cassandra also takes over the Demon Bear, making it loyal to her again. I continue to enjoy this series. The art is really good. And Humphries is crafting an interesting story, with some good character stuff.  It’s a crazy story, which makes it fun. It’s gotten darker lately, but at least Puck is there for some comic relief. And I’m sure that once this arc is over, we’ll get some more humour for a little while.

Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4, by Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin. Deadpool and Pandapool kill some Deadpools. The Watcher sends Deadpool and Pandapool to Evil Deadpool’s world. They’re surrounded by Deadpools, but those ones are torn apart by an ambush from another group of Deadpools. I am seriously thinking of just doing the rest of this synopsis by only saying Deadpool. “Deadpool Deadpool Deadpools Deadpool’s Deadpool.” Anyway, Deadpool eventually reaches Deadpool, and they debate life while they fight. Eventually, Deadpool kills Deadpool. This whole mini was very, very meh. It was really just an excuse to put a whole bunch of Marvel characters in Deadpool costumes. It lacked the wit and cleverness of the last two Deadpool Kills minis. The art was also a lot more conventional, which made it a less enjoyable read.

And now the Infinity and other non-X-titles.

Avengers AI #5, by Sam Humphries and Valerio Schiti. First off – Valerio Schiti! Yay! I loved his work on Journey Into Mystery. Great artist. Marvel needs to give him plenty of work. Anyway, we start with Doombot topping his black hole off with Pym particles while watching the news. Pym’s been locked in his lab for three days. Doombot looks like he’s about to repair the dead Victor. Vision and Alexis show up at a protest to keep it from getting violent, and while Vision and a security guard start getting into a Lord of the Rings argument – yes, this happens, because this book is really frigging weird at times – Alexis is going through some stuff. She can apparently see a few seconds into the future, and she’s not sure what’s going on with her. Then she sees an explosion, though there isn’t one. Instead, there’s other versions of herself that pull her into her mind so she can fight the encryption keeping her from accessing her memories. After a bit of a fight, she defeats the encryption, and learns that she’s one of the First Six (Dimitrios told Vision about them). Then she snaps back to the real world, and sees someone with a bomb strapped to his chest. Then back to Pym’s lab. Monica Chang asks Doombot to blow open the door to Pym’s lab. He sees no reason why he should. She says it would piss Pym off. That works. She finds Pym playing a game, then he explains to her that he’s bipolar, and he’s on a downswing. Maybe he and Polaris should start a support group for bipolar superheroes. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if it’s ever been explicitly stated in the comics that Pym is bipolar, but it does seem pretty obvious, with his track record of highs and lows. This is another good issue. We learn a bit more about Alexis, though the big reveal  – that she’s one of the First Six – isn’t the least bit surprising. It was pretty obvious last issue that it’s where Humphries was going. He made the right move in not stretching it out even longer. I like Alexis, though. She’s definitely interesting. I like this series. I won’t be reviewing it any more, but I will keep buying it, and I’d definitely encourage everyone else to buy it.

Guardians of the Galaxy #8, by Brian Michael Bendis and Francesco Francavilla. Earth is under attack from Thanos’ forces, and Gamora wants to go fight, but Quill thinks they need a plan. Gamora wants to know how Quill, Drax and Thanos got back from the Cancerverse. He doesn’t answer the question, but he does say he would’ve killed Thanos if he’d had any chance. Then they get a call from Agent Brand, asking for their help taking back the Peak. Gamora figures it’s a trap, and she leaves to stop Thanos herself. Quill and Rocket sneak onto the Peak, and rescue Brand before she can be executed. The three of them try to fight their way to the command centre, but they get surrounded, and they’re about to die. Pretty good. Though I’m pretty sure it won’t actually mesh with what Hickman does. It looks like he’s going to have the Avengers take back the Peak.

Infinity #5, by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena. The Avengers help free another world, and Oracle declares it an Avengers World, and dammit, I am done. I stopped caring about this comic the instant I saw that that was where it was going. In fact, they talk about multiple Avengers Worlds. I hate that shit. It is such a forced meme. I refuse to read any book that uses those two words.

Avengers #22, by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu. Cannonball and Smasher are making out, and Sunspot calls them traitors. Joking, obviously. I’m sure we’ll get plenty of focus on that relationship going forward. Why, they might get a panel together in another year. Eden gets a moment of doubt, which Cap, Carol and Thor all talk him out of. Bleh. Whatever. Who even gives a shit. Lots of talking, little of it meaning anything.

Captain America: Living Legend #2, by Andy Diggle and Agustin Alessio. In Russia, some soldiers head to a base, and find everyone in the watchtowers dead, having shot each other. Cap’s flying over Russian airspace to get to where a satellite crashed, but the plane starts screwing up, so he jumps out. We cut to 1968, and a Soviet rocket in lunar orbit. Commander Volkov opens the hatch to blow his comrades out into space. In the present, a woman is trying to get away from an escape pod that’s crashed in Russia. Doctor Fox, one of the scientists from last issue. I’m not at all surprised to see she survived. Back to 1968. Soviet troops track an escape pod to a farm. Volkov kills them. Present. Cap and Fox find the DEUS station. The two start to get into a bit of a debate over the Military-Industrial Complex, before Cap cuts it short by saying they need to move. They find a Speznaz scout, horribly mangled. And then a vhunk of the station attacks them. This is cool. Dr. Fox is a bit generic, but other than that, there’s a lot of solid stuff here. Great art, obviously. But Diggle writes a good Captain America, and Vostok is cool, too. Very creepy. Good book.

Punisher: Trial of the Punisher #2, by Marc Guggenheim and Mico Suayan. We start with some trial stuff. Some guy saying the Punisher is crazy like a fox. Punisher tells his lawyer he needs her to stretch the trial until Wednesday. She brings in Matt Murdock as a witness. Matt talks about an instance where Punisher attacked a guy Matt had defended, a total loser named Dodgeball. Punisher killed the dude. Finally, Punisher is called to the stand. He says the ADA he killed was taking bribes to get criminals back on the streets. He says he has a video of a confession. The judge, the lawyers, and the Punisher all go into the judge’s chambers to watch it, and the Punisher busts free. And then he goes after his real target. Not bad. Kind of a cool twist to it. Good art. I think there might still be some slight misrepresentations of the trial process, but nothing serious in this issue. Not a great book, but not a bad one.

And finally, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Special #1, by Mike Costa and Michael Dialynas. Spider-Ock and the X-Men are falling from the exploded helicopter. Spider-Ock and Jean manage to work together to save all their lives. Meanwhile, in Dr. Jude’s lab, Beast and what’s-her-name are looking around.A couple of prototype robots activate and rush past, and then they get a call from Spider-Ock, who tells Beast to keep trying to figure out what Dr. Jude can do and how to stop him. Spider-Ock and the X-Men find Dr. Jude, and proceed to fight him. Beast and the girl bring Jude’s journal to the naked Bruce Banner. Yep. Something for the ladies. Spider-Ock and the X-Men beat up the prototype Dr. Octopus and Abomination, then come up with a plan for taking down Jude. Spider-Ock’s part of the plan involves punching him. The plan doesn’t go well, though at least Beast and Banner come up with a way of containing him. The only problem is getting him into it. Luckily, Spider-Ock has a solution – keep Jude distracted long enough for Hulk to jump it over and slam it down on top of him. This is a good story. Spider-Ock is a lot more generous than he normally is, which is weird. He actually praises the X-Men, out loud and in his thoughts. He doesn’t normally do that. It’s cool, though. I’m going to be a little disappointed when the girl Beast flirted with doesn’t show up again. They made a cute couple – she thinks he has gorgeous handwriting.

And on another note, according to Kelly Sue DeConnick’s blog, Pretty Deadly #1 sold nearly 60 000 copies. The initial print run was apparently 57 000 copies, and it’s gone to a second printing. I am so happy to hear that. It’s an amazing, beautiful comic. If you haven’t bought it yet, you should, as soon as you can.

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  1. Wait? There’s going to be more than one Avengers world? That just sounds … silly. Earth has enough problems in the Marvel Universe that the Avengers don’t have enough people to protect a second planet. The more I hear of Hickman’s direction with the Avengers, the less I want to catch up with it.

    And the news about Pretty Deadly keeps getting better. Well deserved though, such a well-written, creative book. Hopefully it will remain good, although I have no doubt at this point.

  2. diego permalink

    I didnt knew about this blog, but dude, your reviews are awesome, i`d LOL’d several times reading the stuff you wrote here, so fucking cool.

    ‘Avengers worlds’ …sh…

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