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Agents of SHIELD – F.Z.Z.T.

November 5, 2013

New episode! So here’s a shitty review! First, a brief synopsis.

Some guys die from massive electrical discharge that makes metal around them float, and which leaves them floating. The team eventually figures out it’s because of a Chitauri helmet they all polished. Simmons discovers that there’s some micro-organism that goes into the brain and causes lightning brain. And, uh-oh, now she’s got it! She’s only got a couple hours to find a cure for it – an anti-serum(not a vaccine!) – before lightning shoots out of her head. But everything she tries fails, so she decides to jump out of the plane so she won’t kill everyone else. Sadly, she does this right as Fitz realizes their last attempt actually did work. So Ward jumps after her and saves her. Also, Coulson’s feeling really different as a result of Loki killing him.

This is a very nice episode. It’s a character-driven piece, with a strong focus on Coulson (especially in the first half) and FitzSimmons (especially in the second half). Coulson’s feelings over the fact that he died are really interesting. He tells May that he doesn’t feel OK, that he feels different. She tells him that you don’t die without feeling different. He also gets a really powerful scene with a firefighter who’s about to die from the electrical stuff. It’s some really emotional stuff, as he brings some comfort to a frightened man. I’ll admit it, it brought some tears to my eyes.

The second half is all about FitzSimmons trying to save Simmons’ life. Elizabeth Henstridge does a great job showing how terrified Simmons is. Her fear, her desperation, her sense of hopelessness – great stuff. For a while, it feels like she’s just going through the motions. Then Fitz gives her a sense of hope that’s great. They’ve got a really good argument that seems to lead to Fitz realizing that Simmons has feelings for him, and he for her. (I  think she already knew how she felt.) It’s a really emotional scene.

And then she whacks him in the back of the head with a fire extinguisher and jumps out of the plane.

This episode doesn’t have any uncomfortable subtext. It’s just a great, emotional, character-driven story.

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  1. Surprisingly this is an emotional episode in a number of scenes. But I’m too manly to cry! Just joking! I get the feeling Mays and Coulson have a strong respect and attraction to each other. Best of all is the character development of Fitz-Simmons, I only wish we get to know them better earlier.

  2. This episode succeeded in making me actually care for the Fitz-Simmons characters. Job well done indeed and something just a few weeks ago I thought would be impossible.

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