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Agents of SHIELD – The Hub

November 12, 2013

Another week, another episode. Quick and dirty synopsis:

The team goes to the secret facility the Hub. Victoria Hand gives Ward and Fitz a mission to go into South Ossetia. The people there want independence, and have a weapon that can cause other weapons to blow up. Which is bad. Skye and Simmons are worried about Ward and Fitz, so Simmons shoots Jasper Sitwell and gives Skye access to the SHIELD database. There’s no extraction plan for Ward and Fitz. Oh no! Coulson’s pissed at her for hacking the database, and at Hand for not telling him there was no extraction plan. So the team form their own extraction team. Day is saved. Yay!

This was good. It adds a little bit of questionable morality to SHIELD: Hand didn’t tell Coulson or his team that there was no plan in place for getting Ward and Fitz out after they completed the mission. Coulson did chew Skye out for hacking the files, and explained the need for operational secrecy, and that is actually an entirely valid point. I have absolutely no problem with the idea of mission details being accessible only at a certain level, and I agree that people below that level getting access to the operational details of ongoing or forthcoming missions is dangerous. What Skye did was absolutely, unequivocally wrong, and she deserved the chewing out she got for it, and the points Coulson raised were completely valid. That said, Coulson, Ward and Fitz all should’ve been told what was going on. Sending people on a mission without giving them all the details is also dangerous, and wrong. So Coulson chewing out Hand was also deserved, and the points he raised to her were valid.

Having said all that . . . Fitz was awesome in this episode. He was basically the hero of the story. Ward beat up a few people, sure, but Fitz was mostly carrying his ass throughout the whole mission. There was a Russian bar the two got tied up in, where Fitz saved the day with an EMP. Then near the end, when he jury-rigged the weapon-destroying device to, um, destroy weapons. He even kicked a guy in the head! He could’ve just let Ward die, after Ward through away the sandwich Simmons made for Fitz. Which was a dick move. Seriously, Ward, don’t throw away a guy’s sandwich. That’s just rude. Anyway. Fitz was great.

Simmons was good, too. So adorably nervous. Skye is a horrible, horrible influence on her. And I think Simmons has also pretty much guaranteed that she’ll never be allowed on an actual mission. Shooting a superior officer in the chest is a pretty good way of getting permanent lab work. Hilarious scene, though. And Fitz’s reaction when she tells him about it is great.

Also, we get a little more progress in terms of Skye’s search for her parents (along with more secrets and mysteries) and Coulson’s death and recovery (lots more secrets and mysteries). I’m still betting on Coulson being an LMD, and parts of this episode only serve to enhance that.

I should also mention guest star Victoria Hand. In the comics, Hand was a bitch. Here, she’s slightly less of a bitch. I loved Hand in the comics. She’s still cool here, though she didn’t get to do much. A shame that she probably won’t show up very often. (I’m also a little curious if TV Hand is a lesbian. She was a lesbian in the comics, but outside of her debut, we sadly saw little of it. As far as I can recall, we didn’t even get to see her accidentally blurting out anything about having a crush on Spider-Woman or something.)

So this was another strong episode, with a good mix of espionage and character work. No uncomfortable messages. I liked it.


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