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Agents of SHIELD – The Well

November 19, 2013

Another episode. First, the quick synopsis:

Crazy Norse Pagans are looking for the pieces of a staff that gives people RAGE!. The team goes to a professor of mythology who specializes in Norse mythology. He tells them the staff is part of a spear carried by an Asgardian warrior who came to Earth to kill shit and decided to stay because he fell in love with the Earth. The professor turns out to be that Asgardian warrior. Shock! Ward touches a piece of the staff and it fills him with RAGE! and makes him snap at the others. They find the Pagans and Ward grabs a piece of the staff and uses his RAGE! strength to kick a whole lot of ass. Then May uses the complete spear to get the RAGE! strength to beat up the last one of the Pagans. And she and Ward apparently have sex. And Coulson has a nightmare about Tahiti, which remains a magical place.

This was a good episode. It wasn’t particularly tied into Thor: The Dark World, which is fine by me since I haven’t seen that movie yet. I know, I know, I’m going to go when I can. I want to go with a friend, but she doesn’t have a lot of time available. Anyway, the episode. It does start with them cleaning up after whatever it was that happened in the movie, and bitching about having to do it.

The professor was cool. He was very calm and cool, not the least bit worried. Which is actually what leads to Coulson believing the guy’s Asgardian. Though they test it by having Ward try to stab him in the neck. Great moment there. Ward gets a lot of focus this episode, and in particular, his memories of his brother drowning in a well. Turns out Ward could’ve saved his brother, but didn’t do it in time. Some sadistic older brother kept him from doing it by threatening to throw him down the well, too. His guilt over that incident is what the staff acts on to fill him with RAGE!. And OK, I’ll stop typing it in all-caps. It was a fun gag for a bit, but you’re right, I’ve driven it into the ground.

Anyway. We also get a little more about Coulson’s feelings about his death. He talks about having no memories between dying, and waking up in Tahiti a few months later. He doesn’t remember being revived, or the hospital. He remembers waking up getting a massage. (Hence, the nightmare.) More evidence of him being an LMD. Seriously, it’s so obvious at this point that I’m starting to wonder if it’s all a red herring. I guess we’ll find out later this season, I would assume.

The others all get little moments, too. Fitz gets a bit jealous when the professor flirts with Simmons, who really seems to enjoy the flirtations. Skye is all concerned about Ward and stuff, but blah, I don’t care, I still hate Skye. The Pagans were pretty generic, lots of screaming and RAAAAAGE! and screaming. The fight between Ward and the Pagans was mostly skipped over, but I guess that’s not a big deal. Still, it would’ve been fun seeing more ass-kicking, I think. As for Ward and May hooking up, I would be fine with it if it meant Ward and Skye wouldn’t hook up later, but as it is, it seems like something tossed in for the Ward/Skye (or Wye, because it sounds like Why?, which is what that pairing makes me think) shippers to say, “No, you fool! Don’t you see you’re supposed to be with Skye? You two are meant to be!” It’s a tease, basically, an obstacle thrown in the path of the inevitable Ward/Skye relationship.

Overall, another solid episode.

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  1. Reading this now, it’s funny how convinced you are that Skype and Ward will end up together

  2. 😦 where are the remaining AOS reviews

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