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New Mutants #7 (1983, September)

July 7, 2014

I’ll probably be hanging out with a friend for a little while on Wednesday, so expect my reviews to be up late. But for today, by Claremont and Sal Buscema, “Flying Down to Rio!”

Flying Down to Rio!

Ooh, nice Mohawk.

Sunspot is standing at the water’s edge, remembering Viper’s base exploding, and he and the other New Mutants barely surviving it. Xi’an didn’t survive. Apparently. The other Mutants find him, and they mention that Xavier and the X-Men are still searching, but Bobby says it’s been days, so he doesn’t have much hope of Xi’an being alive. The Mutants head back up, and we do see the X-Men. I appreciate their presence here. I feel like they should’ve shown up more often. Anyway, Xavier lets Bobby know that his mom’s there to see him. Nina’s an archaeologist, and Bobby has some resentment towards her for spending so much time on digs. He still loves her, though. She’s going to be exploring the Amazon soon, and Xavier thinks the Mutants should join her. Xavier lets Nightcrawler and Colossus know that he senses a powerful psychic presence, and wants the Mutants safely away from it. He also believes Xi’an’s still alive. He’ll turn out to be right, but that won’t be revealed for a while. Bobby throws a temper tantrum, and Sam talks him up.

A week later, they arrive in Rio, and at Bobby’s father’s mansion. At dinner, Bobby’s parents show hostility towards each other. The next day, they take in some sights at Carnival. A woman kisses Sam, and Dani almost seems to check her out. Just the expression on her face, matched with her dialogue, comes across that way. It amuses me. Nina brings them into a costume shop, where they get some clothes for a ball that night. Then Nina’s kidnapped by some Hellfire goons. Cannonball chases it, but an axe knocks him off-course and into a building. When the other Mutants rush out, they’re confronted by Axe, the big guy on the cover. The one holding an axe. I wonder what his name might mean.

Anyway, he beats them up and leaves. But Rahne sneaked off and trailed him in wolf form. The others follow her to an old house, where Nina’s being kept by the Hellfire goons. Sam makes a joke about wishing Magnum, PI was available (Magnum-counter: 4). One of the goons explores the place, and is tricked by one of Dani’s mirages. Then she catches some other guards with her illusions, too. They’re finished off up-close, while Sunspot goes after Axe. He smashes the floor to knock Axe off-balance, so Cannonball can grab Nina. Sunspot kicks Axe’s ass.

A few days later, everyone’s getting ready to go on Nina’s expedition. They don’t know they’re being watched by Bobby’s father – and Sebastian Shaw.

This issue is an improvement over the past two, even if I still disagree with the removal of Xi’an. I still think that was a mistake (as was keeping her out for such a long time). But this issue’s very good. We get more focus on Bobby this time around. And he gets a good focus. But everyone gets something to do. Axe is lame, but luckily, he doesn’t show up again during this arc, and doesn’t appear often in general. This issue does feel poorly plotted. It jumps around a bit, I think. I feel like some scenes could’ve been removed, while others needed to be expanded a bit. Still, for the most part, it’s enjoyable. It also sets up the next arc, which will introduce another New Mutant, and a classic X-Men villain.

The art’s good, naturally. Not much more I can say about it, really.

While this issue’s enjoyable, there’s not really that much to say about it, truth be told. It’s got an element of being an issue that had to be done in order to get to the next story, but doesn’t do a whole lot on its own. It’s just kinda there. The references to Bobby’s dead girlfriend, Juliana, were very nice, though. A good reminder that it’s still hurting him.

Song of the day: That Girl by Noisettes.

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