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Pull list and personal news

July 15, 2014

So I’ve decided Tuesdays will be when I post my weekly pull list, my thoughts on what’s coming, and what’s new with me.

Tomorrow, I’ll be buying 100th Anniversary Special X-Men (by Jen Van Meter and Jason Masters), All-New X-Factor #11 (by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico), Ms. Marvel #6 (by G. Willow Wilson and Jake Wyatt, and yay!), My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #21, She-Hulk #6 (by Charles Soule and Ron Wimberly), Silver Surfer #4 (by Dan Slott and Michael Allred), Uncanny X-Men #23 (by Brian Bendis and Kris Anka), The Wicked + the Divine #2 (by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, and yay!), and X-Men #16 (by Brian Wood and Matteo Buffagni). So that’s 9 comics I’ll be buying at my LCS.

Other comics I’ll review include Elektra #4 (by Haden Blackman and Michael Del Mundo), Magneto #7 (written by Cullen Bunn,  art by Javier Barranco and Gabriel Walta), Original Sin #3.2 (by Kieron Gillen and Luke Ross,) Original Sin #6 (by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato), Savage Hulk #2 (by Alan Davis), Savage Wolverine (by John Arcudi and Joe Quinones), and Secret Avengers #5 (by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh). So that’s another 7 I’ll be reviewing, giving me a total of 14 comics to review (MLP and She-Hulk won’t be reviewed). Going to be a busy week.

I’m going to keep reviewing Ms. Marvel for now – Wolverine will be in the next two issues anyway, after all – and I’m psyched for #6. It’s probably by most-anticipated title. On the other hand, Silver Surfer’s been an utter delight of a series, with Slott and Allred being an excellent pairing. (Sadly, I didn’t see Silver Surfer on the October solicits that came out today – has it been cancelled?). I’m also psyched for TW+TD #2. Gillen and McKelvie are probably my third-favourite comic book pairing ever (KSD and Rios are #1, Claremont and Byrne are #2). The first issue was amazing, and I’m eager to see where it goes. UXM#23 will be The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier. That looks like it’ll be interesting.

The October solicits came out today, as I said. You can check them out here. Way too much Deadpool – he’s getting three frigging minis. X-23 is going to show up in Black Widow; that should be awesome. They seem like they’ll be a fun pair. Nova’s going to go Trick or Treating in Westchester, which would be cool if the cover didn’t show my least favourite of the JGS students – Kid Apocalypse, Kid Gladiator, and Kid Obnoxious Brood. Ugh. I hate those ones. Kill them and focus on the New X-Men students! Radiance is going to be in All-New Invaders again, which is cool. She’s a really neat character. I’d love to see more of her. The Big Hero Six movie is coming out, maybe she could be added to a Big Hero Six comic. ForgetMeNot, from X-Men Legacy #300, is going to be in X-Force (which is going to have Tan Eng Huat on art, which is a shame – I never liked his art). She-Thing is going to be in Fantastic Four, which is neat – I’ve been reading Steve Englehart’s FF run lately, where he used Sharon Ventura and turned her into She-Thing. It’s . . . actually not a particularly good run. (And, of course, he brought in his pet character Mantis for a little while. Has Englehart written anything that didn’t have Mantis show up?) And Ms. Marvel’s going to have a busy month, appearing in two issues of Amazing Spider-Man, and meeting Medusa in her own solo title. Captain Marvel also looks poised to step up in Avengers, which is great.

There’s lots of talk about the new Lady Thor. Ultimately, whether it’s good or bad will come down to the writing. Jason Aaron’s done great work on Thor: God of Thunder, so I’m expecting it to be a good story. I do find it interesting that Captain America and Thor are both being replaced at the same time. I’m kinda wondering if Iron Man will also be replaced, since there’s all sorts of revelations coming up about terrible things he’s done. It definitely looks like he’s going to be ostracized by the hero community. It might be cool if that leads to a replacement Iron Man.

As for my personal life . . . bleh. I’m still unemployed. I still can’t find work. It sucks. I can’t even get a damned interview. It’s so annoying. I’m a good employee, so someone out there give me a frigging job! Argh!

In happier news, though, I purchased Nelvana of the Northern Lights (available here!). My mom gave me her card to order it, as a graduation present. I am, after all, the first person in my family to graduate college. So I’ll be getting that soon. I’ll review it when I do. I talked about it a couple weeks ago. It’s a collection of comics for a 1940s superhero. She was Canada’s first national superhero, and she was one of the earliest female superheroes, debuting a few months before Wonder Woman (Nelvana debuted August 1941, Wonder Woman in December 1941). For decades, her comics were unavailable, until a Kickstarter campaign raised the money to collect and publish them. I don’t normally care about Golden Age comics, but this one just seems really neat, and it’s a major part of Canadian history. The animation studio, Nelvana, took its name from the character (and if you’re Canadian, I can guarantee you’ve seen Nelvana cartoons – they did just about all of them). John Byrne also used a variation on the name, Nelvanna, for Snowbird’s mother in Alpha Flight. So I’m looking forward to reading it.

Speaking of books, I opened an account on Goodreads (user name Tiamatty, if you’re curious). I don’t read as many books as I should. I feel like I should read more. But I can never figure out what to read. So I’ve entered giveaways for a whole bunch of books. I probably won’t get any, but whatever, it doesn’t hurt to apply. And if I do, I can read it and review it, and see if it makes me feel like reading anything else.

That’ll do for tonight. Tomorrow, comics!

  1. Yeah, the Black Widow/X-23 crossover should be great. The Black Widow series has been good in general, and the two of them do have somewhat similar personalities. Also looking forward to her one-shot in the Wolverine Legacy mini-series; Tim Seeley’s a pretty good writer, or at least with his work that I’ve read. I’m most likely skipping the Daken issue when that releases, but otherwise I’ll at least read the rest.

    Also, She Hulk is taking on Daredevil in court. That should be fun, and it was even hinted at in their brief conversation during the Dr. Doom story arc.

    It’s nice to see that Ms. Marvel will be showing up in Spider-Man. Any additional exposure to help spread the word of this great new character is good.

    While Charles Soule’s She Hulk has been my favourite comic every week it’s released so far, the comic I’m mostly looking forward to tomorrow is Uncanny X-Men 23. Judging by all the interviews, it sounds like Bendis is putting a lot of effort into The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier.

    If you’re trying to read more books, you could check out the She Hulk Diaries as a gateway – . It’s totally a chick-lit book and changes some details on how the She Hulk/Jennifer Walters dynamic works, but it’s a fun read. On the flip-side, I’ve heard the novel “Rogue Touch” is kind of terrible.

    • I did notice She-Hulk vs. Daredevil. That should be really fun. With the fate of Steve Rogers on the line!

      I did read the interview Bendis gave. My favourite part was him talking about how She-Hulk had to make absolutely sure that Xavier was dead, and stressing in particular what the X-Men are like when it comes to death.

      I may actually check out the She-Hulk Diaries at some point. I may also check out Rogue Touch. Or maybe I won’t. Depends on whether I can get myself back into the habit of reading books.

  2. What has your opinion been on the Original Sin series so far? I don’t think I saw your earlier reviews.

    • That it’s lame, and getting lamer. It’s a summer event, in the worst sense of the term. It’s a poorly-written story.

  3. Sounds like a great list! You’ve just added at least two more comics of my list of things to pick up today.

  4. Andrew permalink

    Hi xmenxpert

    I went to my LCS today to flick through Pretty Deadly and they had the first issue for $1 (worked out about 70p) So I have bought it to read and will let you know what I thought. The artwork looked beautiful though,

    • Nice. Emma Rios is my all-time favourite artist. No one captures motion the way she does. And the Ballad of Deathface Ginny in #1 is amazing.

      • Andrew permalink

        It was an excellent read. Will pick up the first trade tomorrow.

      • Hurrah! I managed to get someone to read it!

    • Andrew permalink

      Lol. Will hopefully read it over the weekend

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