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X-Men comics (August 6, 2014)

August 6, 2014

I’ve decided not to bother with a full review of Guardians of the Galaxy. I doubt I need to do it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re probably planning on it, so I doubt I need to convince anyone. If I do, then I have two words: Dance off. Anyway, let’s get to today’s X-Men comics.

There are none.

Hey, that was fast! So, the non-X-Men stuff.

Rocket Raccoon #2, by Skottie Young. Rocket is being interrogated, and trolling the two guys doing it. He asks to be sent to the highest-security prison planet. He beats up a big guy, then tells his story to some other inmates. He wants to know if there are others out there from Halfworld. One of the inmates is kinda messed up. One of the inmates is Xemnu the Titan, an old Hulk foe. Rocket breaks out of his cell by using Groot. And then – prison break montage! This is another really fun issue. Great humour in both the dialogue and the art. Oddly, even after seeing GotG, I still hear Rocket in a higher-pitched voice. Anyway, this was great. Rocket’s cunning is highlighted well. Groot’s presence is always fun.

Legendary Star-Lord #2, by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina. Quill’s been taken to Fortress Viderdoom, the premier bounty brokerage house in the galaxy. They’re very good – they even take his boots, so he can’t use the jets as a weapon. He’s going to be thrown into a sarlaac. That’s basically what it is. We cut back two hours, to his sister, Victoria, telling him off. They argue about a few things. She wants to protect her people in the Empire, but she needs money to do it, which is why she’s willing to turn Quill in for the bounty. He eventually tries to convince her to rip off the bounty hunters, instead. It works, and she saves him. After some fighting, they manage to make an escape, with Viderdoom being destroyed in the process. Another good issue. I like Humphries as a writer, and he writes a fun Peter Quill. Paco Medina’s art is even better. He’s a great artist, with a fun style that works well for a space adventure book.

Original Sin: Thor and Loki #3, written by Al Ewing and Jason Aaron, art by Lee Garbett and Simone Bianchi. We start with two guys playing a weird version of chess. Then Angela remembering her visit to Earth and seeing Thor. And then we get to the present, where Angela attacks Thor. Then to Loki and the Queen chatting over tea. She mentions having once been Earth’s protector, back in the days of cavemen. Protected the Earth against the Asgardians. At the request of Odin. Eventually, the agreement went sour, and Odin declared war on the Angels. She helped the enemies of Asgard form a strategy to defeat the Asgardians, and then told Odin that she’d betray his enemies if he paid her off. She doesn’t much believe in honour. This is a good issue. Ewing’s scripting is solid. The scene between Loki and the Queen is great – she’s very manipulative. It’s neat. Of course, Loki’s presumably manipulating her, too. Not much is seen of the Thor/Angela fight, but what we see is cool. She’s too fast for him to hit, so she just demolishes him. The art’s great. I prefer Garbett over Bianchi. I find Bianchi a bit muddy.

I suppose I may as well mention that She-Hulk was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed New Warriors.

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  1. I fully agreed that Marvel needs to spread out their books more. It’s not just having no X-Men book this week and having a bunch next week, but both Guardians of the Galaxy related solo books releasing in the same week is a bit much. DC has a lot of problems right now, many of which start with their current team of editors, but at least they know how to spread things out better.

    Both of today’s Guardians solo books are good, but wow is Rocket Raccoon fun. “Prison Break Montage!”

    And today’s She Hulk should have been titled Honey I Shrunk The She Hulk. There wouldn’t be a copyright conflict since Disney owns both Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Marvel. That said, such a good comic.

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