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X-Men and the Micronauts #2 (1984, February)

August 15, 2014

We finish out February with a story by Claremont, Mantlo and Guice, “Into the Abyss!”

Into the Abyss!

The Micronauts copy the original X-Men by only having four guys and one woman.

The Micronauts are in a nightmare realm, climbing down from some big stone tower, and they get attacked by little guys. Bug gets knocked into some slime, which covers him in a cocoon, and he emerges looking even more like a bug. Fireflyte is taken down when the sound is taken from the air. Acroyear sees his estranged wife, Cilicia, climbing the cliff. He follows her, and she gives birth to an albino baby, which she names Shaitan. (Note: Acroyear had an albino brother named Shaitan. They didn’t get along.) Huntarr is surrounded, but the creatures accept him for who he is. Marionette – who for some reason wears high heels despite being an acrobatic fighter, because comics have never given a shit about women wearing clothes that make a lick of sense – is climbing up, and finds herself in an arena, where she starts dancing for the amusement of the crowd. And Rann finds the dead bodies of all the Micronauts.

Now that they’ve all been subjected to horrors and had their souls crushed, the Entity summons them to him. He heals them, and they swear to serve him. On Earth, Xavier’s fallen asleep at his computer, and the New Mutants are horsing around a bit. Back in the Microverse, the Entity feels his power slip a bit, and he swears not to let it happen again, by killing the one responsible for it. He gives the Micronauts costumes resembling the classic X-Men uniforms.

The Bioship reaches Homeworld, which is in flames. Karza says he’s crushing a rebellion, and the X-Men don’t like him. They argue a bit, but they’re still going to save the Microverse. Karza – or his body, anyway – beams down to Homeworld. He tries to bring Kitty with him, since his mind is trapped in her body, but Storm refuses. The Bioship traces Rann’s location, and they land, hard. The Bioship completely shuts off. The X-Men find a duplicate of Xavier’s school, at full size, while they appear to be only toy size. They go in, and find Xavier, surrounded by the X-ronauts. The giant-sized Micronauts attack the mini-X-Men, and beat them. On the plus side, it looks like Kitty’s body being knocked out sends Karza’s mind back to his own body.

It’s another OK issue. The crushing of the Micronauts was actually really cool. It was done well.

The art’s also OK. I always found Marionette’s high heels to be utterly ridiculous. Especially since they were a later addition – she originally wore flats, as befits an acrobatic fighter. I find it ridiculous any time any heroine who regularly engages in close-quarters combat wears high heels. It’s an idiotic idea, and an insulting one. It’s placing appearance above character. Male heroes get costumes that suit their characters, but with women, looking sexy comes first and foremost. It’s an awful habit that comics got into for a long, long time, and it was ridiculous. Other than that complaint, though, the art is fine. It looks decent. Nothing spectacular, but perfectly fine art.

I find it hard to get into this particular mini. It might be because I never much cared about the Micronauts. I always found that comic to be pretty meh. It was good for a toy tie-in, I suppose. With this mini, it feels like the X-Men are slumming it. Like they’re being dragged down through their involvement. Maybe it’s just me.

Song of the day: Leave You With A Letter by the Black Belles.

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