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August 19, 2014

I’m over halfway through The Big Wide Calm. So far, I’m a bit split on it. There are some parts I really like, other parts that are kinda bad. I’ll have more to say about it next week. For now, here are the comics I’ll be reading tomorrow.

I’ll be getting floppies of All-New Ghost Rider #6, by Felipe smith and Damion Scott; All-New X-Factor #12, by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico; Mighty Avengers #13, by Al Ewing and Salvador Larroca; Ms. Marvel #7 (yay!) by G. Willow Wilson and Jake Wyatt; My Little Pony: Friends Forever #8, by Katie Cook and Andy Price; Storm #2, by Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez; The Wicked + The Divine #3, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

I’ll also do reviews of Deadpool vs. X-Force #3, by Duane Swierczynski and Pepe Larraz; Elektra #5, by Haden Blackman and Michael Del Mundo (the last issue I’ll review of it, but I still recommend picking it up); Magneto #8, by Cullen Bunn and Javi Fernandez; Original Sins #5, by various; Savage Wolverine #23, by John Arcudi and Joe Quinones; Wolverine Annual, by Elliott Kalan and Jonathan Marks.

So that’s 7 comics I’ll be picking up, and 9 reviews in total.

What am I most forward to? Ms. Marvel, obviously. I mean, come on, what else was it going to be? However, I’m also really looking forward to WicDiv. Gillen and McKelvie are probably my third favourite creative team of all time, behind only DeConnick/Rios and Claremont/Byrne. And honestly, Gillen/McKelvie might actually beat out Claremont/Byrne.

Also coming out tomorrow is Ages of the X-Men, a book of essays about the X-Men. It’s $40, so I won’t be buying it yet. However, I am putting it on a list of books I want. Once I have a job, I’ll probably buy it.

Marvel’s November solicits came out. So much Axis. Ugh. Also, Spider-Woman #1 gets a Milo Manara variant cover. It might be the least sexist thing I’ve seen from him. And that’s sad, because it’s still porny and exploitative. In more positive news, though, Captain Marvel #9 will have Lila Cheney. Woot! I love Lila. She’s awesome.

On another note. IGN asked Kevin Feige about Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Because, at this point, it’s impossible to talk about the movies without asking where the hell those two are. Feige said he gets asked about those two more than anything else. He also says they’ve been in development for a while, but I suspect the same is true of a lot of properties that may never happen. However, he does mention that, while Marvel’s never felt a need to change its plans based on Internet feedback, there’s a groundswell of support for those two properties. This is the most promising statement he’s made. But I’m still sceptical. Blame Hollywood for making me that way, when it comes to movies with female and minority leads. But at this point, I’m fully expecting Hawkeye to get a solo movie before either of them. And then Adam Warlock. And Namor. And Black Knight.

Marvel knows what the audience wants. So it’s time to cut the excuses and the stalling, and just give the audience what it wants. It’s too late to do anything for 2015. But in 2016, in addition to Dr. Strange, do either Black Panther or Captain Marvel. In 2017, do the other one. Captain America 3 can be delayed. All the movies can be pushed back a slot or two, whatever’s needed. Just make the damned movies.

Non-Marvel stuff. For a Goodreads discussion group. I finished reading The Rise of Renegade X, by Chelsea Campbell. It’s not particularly good. The story is about the 16-year-old son of a supervillain who finds out his father is a superhero. See, in this setting, genetics determine whether one is a superhero or a supervillain. Think about that for a minute. That’s horrible. They even have an H or a V on their thumb, marking them as a Hero or a Villain. Beyond that, though, the writing just tends to be a bit bland, and the story’s not all that compelling. I can’t say I’d recommend it to anyone.

For another group, I finished Morning Glories Vol. 1, and Rex Mundi Vol. 1. Both were good. I liked Morning Glories more. It was an interesting concept, with some really neat characters. The mysteries are intriguing. Rex Mundi also had some interesting mysteries, but the characters didn’t resonate as much with me. They felt a bit flatter.

Much better, however, was The Legend of Bold Riley, by Leia Weathington. This was fantastic. Riley is a great character, a classic hero – fearless, clever, strong, compassionate. But Riley’s also female, a lesbian, and looks Indian (though it’s a fantasy setting). There’s also a definite Eastern feel to the story and art. It comes across as something out of a Veda. Like he tales of some old Hindu text. It makes it a lot of fun to read. The art is mostly gorgeous, though a couple of the stories have less pleasant art. But the writing is stellar throughout. It’s a great book. Totally worth checking out.

There was also Wet Moon Vol. 1. This is the first Oni Press book I haven’t enjoyed. The writing and art are both good – there’s a real variety of body shapes, which I appreciate. It’s a slice-of-life, and the lives are interesting. And the characters are authentic . . . which is actually where the problem comes in. The main protagonist is completely unlikable. She’s whiny, depressed, clingy, insecure, and got on my nerves fast. Her friend, Audrey, was a lot more likable, and I would much rather she be the main character.

On to personal news. I have none. Still no luck finding work. My friend still hasn’t had a chance to come down from Ottawa to visit me. Bleh. Blah. And even though I’m on a couple dating sites, since I don’t want to stay in this town, I haven’t even bothered looking for any girls to go on dates with. So I never do anything. On the plus side, I did learn something last night. After I made my post, I looked up Amanda Palmer on Wikipedia. And I learned that she did an album of ukelele covers of Radiohead songs. That’s awesome.

Hey, I managed to end on a positive note. Sweet. That doesn’t happen often with these posts, since I never have any positive news in my personal life. Anyway, that’s it for today.

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