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New Mutants #15 (1984, May)

September 4, 2014

My mom bought me a new computer chair, so she could use my old one, because she didn’t have a computer chair. Yay. Today, by Claremont and Buscema, “Scaredy Cat.”

Scaredy Cat

She could use some eyedrops.

Illyana is in her room in the early morning, before anyone else is up, and casts a simple spell to send out her astral projection. Kitty never called from the Massachusetts Academy, and Illyana wants to check up on her. Kitty’s being held by the White Queen, who fully intends to turn Kitty into he minion. The X-Men aren’t coming, and Emma’s making Doug think he’s with Kitty. She also mentions he loves Kitty, which Kitty denies, and also denies having any feelings for Doug beyond friendship. Emma’s rather impressed with the angry thoughts Kitty has. Then Kitty and Emma both spot Illyana’s astral form, and Emma attacks her with a psi-bolt.

Back at the school, Illyana screams loud enough to wake the New Mutants, who rush to help her. When they open the door, a demon rushes out. Followed by a bunch more. Dani sends the others after the demons, while she tries to help Illyana herself. During the fight, Sam wonders why he isn’t getting any better with his powers. In Illyana’s room, Dani’s having poor luck against the demons still there, and hurts hear head when she gets thrown. She uses her power, and an image of Illyana appears. The demons vanish, and the image walks towards her, then carries her to the bed. Then Illyana’s back to normal, but the Mutants want to talk to her.

Downstairs, Illyana explains what happened, and the danger Kitty’s in. They try calling the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, but neither are available. They’re in the same place the X-Men are. Sam doesn’t think they should attack the Hellfire Club by themselves, but Illyana refuses to abandon Kitty. Amara supports her. Then they try to figure out how to get out there. In the end, they all pool what little money they have.

They head to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and buy tickets. Rahne and ‘Berto wander off to the observation deck, and stare at the Holy Ghost Church. They’re in a trance. On the bus, Rahne glares at Illyana, blaming her for the sinful thoughts she had in her trance. Sam talks to her, and denies that either of the girls are evil. He talks about his own faith, and that they have to trust that god knows what he’s doing. He also invites her to go with him next time he visits his family. What a nice scene. First, Sam being religious does make sense, given where he grew up. But it’s also nice seeing him bond with Rahne. He’d been taking her for granted lately, so I’m glad he comforted her here.

That night, Magma burns their way into the Academy. They find Kitty, but it’s a hologram. It’s replaced by a hologram of Emma, with Kitty by her side, and she says the New Mutants are going to serve the Hellfire Club.

Really good. The action, with the demons, actually feels a bit obligatory – like it was something that had to be there, but doesn’t actually benefit the story. But there was a lot of great character work going on. Illyana, of course, got a ton. Kitty got a little bit. Sam and Rahne got some nice stuff. The bit with the Mutants trying to figure out how to get to the Academy was pretty amusing; reminds me of a scene where the Avengers couldn’t use their Quinjets, so had to take a bus to where they were heading. “Avengers Assemble! – Uh, on the curb outside.” It makes sense that a bunch of teenagers wouldn’t have a lot of options for getting around. They can’t fly a plane, they don’t know how to drive. It does always seem odd to me that Xavier apparently doesn’t have an emergency fund set aside for his students to use. That just seems like a no-brainer to me. Oh well.

Another interesting touch is Kitty being able to see Illyana’s astral form. It’s not supposed to be visible to mortals. Emma has her telepathy to tip her off, but Kitty has nothing. This is the first hint of a bond between the two.

Buscema’s art is a good fit here. It’s a pretty normal superhero comic, so normal superhero art works.

Song of the day: Two For My Seconds by Operator Please.

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