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Dazzler #32 (1984, June)

September 12, 2014

I said I’m going to keep trying to do these. But it’ll largely depends when I get off work, and how I feel that day. So I can’t make any guarantees. But for today, written by Jim Shooter and Mike Carlin, and with art by Mark Bright, “Moonlighting.”


This is so ’80s.

Alison’s teaching her aerobics class, when Medusa teleports in with Lockjaw. The class flees, and Alison yells at Medusa, but Medusa says her help is needed on Attilan. Alison tries to refuse, but Medusa reminds her how Black Bolt helped against Absorbing Man. Alison still refuses, and she gets her class back in to finish it. She goes out for coffee with one of the students, a dancer, where she spots Medusa and Lockjaw again. She still feels guilty about refusing, so she runs to catch up and agrees to help. They all teleport to the moon.

Medusa explains the situation. There’s a large black cloud advancing towards Attilan. Alison’s being asked to light it up. She’s taken to see Black Bolt, and sees a cute Inhuman, because of course she’d spot one.

Inside the cloud are Moonstone and Blackout. He’s the one generating the cloud. She brought him there to help her get another moonstone. Black Bolt powers up Alison so she can create a powerful enough light to pierce the cloud. The Inhumans see the two bad guys. Another light burst has Quicksilver try to capitalize, but Moonstone knocks him away, and then fires a blast at Attilan. Then she lets off a pretty powerful light show of her own. In the end, Blackout’s knocked out by the light, and without him providing air, Moonstone passes out. Both are grabbed by Quicksilver.

Alison is congratulated by Generically-Cute-Guy, then taken home. Just in time to have to get up again for work. Apparently, the fight took the whole night. I’m not really sure why. Probably just to set up the joke.

Another in a long line of meh issues. The fight isn’t particularly exciting. Her career isn’t touched on. The Generically-Cute-Guy is utterly pointless. The story is dull. The best part of the whole issue was her getting coffee with a friend. Which just makes me even more certain that a series about superheroes getting coffee would be awesome. The art was good. Mark Bright was a solid artist. Not exceptional, but talented. The splash page of the moon being lit up was pretty neat. This issue does continue the trend of Dazzler having trouble finding a set creative team.

Song of the day: We Get On by Kate Nash.

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