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September 17, 2014

So the weekly review is not going to be tonight. Just no way. I did get to the store this morning, though.

At the store, I picked up: All-New X-Factor #14, by Peter David and Pop Mhan; All-New X-Men #32 by Brian Bendis and Mahmud Asrar; Uncanny X-Men #26, by Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo; The Wicked + The Divine #4, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

I will also review: Deadpool Bi-Annual #1, written by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti, art by Salva Espin; possibly Edge of Spider-Verse #2, by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez; Hulk Annual by Monty Nero and Luke Ross (and others); Original Sin: Thor & Loki #5, written by Al Ewing and Jason Aaron, art by Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett; Savage Hulk #4, by Alan Davis; possibly Superior Spider-Man #33, written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage, art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Miguel Sepulveda; Uncanny Avengers #24, by Rick Remender and Salvador Larroca; Wolverine and the X-Men #9, by Jason Latour and, uh, someone.

So that’s 4 comics I picked up, and 10-12 reviews, depending on my mood when I start writing them. Hopefully tomorrow, but we’ll see how I feel.

No point talking about what I’m most excited for.

The December solicits came out yesterday. I’ll be buying Loki #9, All-New X-Factor #17 and 18, Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3, Angela #1, Spider-Man 2099 #7, Rocket Raccoon #6, Captain Marvel #10, She-Hulk #11, All-New X-Men #36, Uncanny X-Men #29, probably the Uncanny and All-New X-Men Annuals, Storm #6, X-Men #22, X-Force #13. 16 comics, probably. The Axis and Spider-Verse tie-ins aren’t definite, though. I’ll be spending probably $80 or so in December, just on Marvel. Not too bad, I suppose. It looks like December is also when Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet launches, so I’ll be picking that up.

I read Courtney Crumrin Vol. 2 this week. Such a great series. It’s dark and creepy and cute. It’s appropriate for kids, but it’s enjoyable at any age. Vol. 2 has a story where Courtney becomes a cat. It is adorably and amazing and I loved it. There’s also a story about a genuinely scary monster, and a larger arc about Mystic politics, full of intrigue, drama and comedy. It’s awesome. Read it.

I read Anya’s Ghost. Another good book. It starts pretty fun, and gets increasingly dark.

And I also finished Wonder Woman Unbound. I don’t read DC, but I do respect Wonder Woman as a feminist symbol. This book is an interesting exploration of her complex relationship with feminism over the years. She started off as a way to prepare young men for a world where women ruled, and to promote Marston’s ideas that bondage was great. (That’s a simplification, but only barely. Marston really did believe that submitting to a benevolent mistress was the ideal way of living.) After Marston stopped writing, though, most of Marston’s ideas were tossed, and she became less and less feminist, and increasingly subservient to men. It took a long, long, long time for that to end – it didn’t really end until George Perez’s post-Crisis run. And while she’s an iconic character, she’s generally been an afterthought at DC – her sales are usually middling, and she’s gotten few truly iconic stories. It’s a shame. She deserves so much better than she’s gotten. The book does a great job explaining all this. It’s well-written, and occasionally pretty funny. So definitely worth reading if you’re interested in Wonder Woman.

In personal news: This week is going to suuuuck. I worked today from 11:30-8. Tomorrow and Friday, I work 7-3:30. Those are long shifts. And it’s going to be awful getting off at 8 and then having to go in for 7. I’m not going to be in good shape tomorrow, I think. It’s going to be a rough, rough day. I haven’t had any luck finding a library job, obviously. It’s very disheartening. It makes me worry I’m going to be stuck at Wal-Mart for years. And that would just be more suck than I want to deal with.

I won another book this morning, finally. The Eye of Zoltar, by Jasper Fforde.

I have to go to work, so that’s all for today.

  1. Finishing work at 8, only to start at 7 the next morning? I have to say, that’s nothing compared to finishing at 11 at night only to start at 8 in the morning (which I refuse to ever do again). That said, you are starting longer shifts earlier than I did when I started working retail and that can be rough when you’re not ready. While I don’t want to work retail forever, I have to admit it’s an easy way to get some exercise at least.

    I have to say, with every additional solicitation for Axis, I’m less and less interested in it. The whole thing kind of feels like a rip-off of DC’s recent Forever Evil event, and from what I’ve heard, that event wasn’t all that good. Even if it’s through psychic manipulation, I’m not all that interested in the majority of heroes and villains switching sides, nor am I interested in the hints that this may be Avengers vs. X-Men volume 2. That said, if the solicits are hinting that Sabertooth is taking Wolverine’s name, well … better him than Daken.

    Spider-Verse is looking interesting though. Hopefully Dan Slott can pull it off.

    • Finishing at 11 and working at 8? That’s illegal. By law, they have to give you at least 11 hours between shifts.

      And yeah, I haven’t been interested in Axis all along. It’s an event, and it’s Remender. Two things that turn me off.

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