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X-Men comics (October 8 2014)

October 8, 2014

New comics. Edit: Also, this is apparently my 500th post. So, woot?

X-Force #10, by Simon Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat. It starts with X-Force chasing Forget-Me-Not, only to forget him as soon as he drops out of their line of vision. They go for a coffee break, and find a video Dr. Nemesis made saying there’s an intruder who’s impossible to remember. Meme was apparently monitoring inconsistencies in the use and supply of TP in the men’s room and idenfitied his favourite stall, and they set a trap. He gets chased. Again and again and again. (He also stumbles on Meme and Fantomex having cybersex.) He finally gets caught and shot (through Cable) by Fantomex, but before X-Force can kill him, Dr. Nemesis, having had a cup of coffee that put his mind in a state of hyper-awareness, but Forget-Me-Not slips away again. He eventually learns why X-Force wanted him. This is a really fun story. The base’s cleaning bots talk a bit about X-Force being broken, but trying to stay human, and it’s interesting stuff. The ending is pretty awesome, and also kinda sad. And a bit chilling. I’m still not a fan of Huat’s art, but it’s not too bad here. It’s less unpleasant than it was for Legacy. But I still don’t like it.

Nightcrawler #7, written by Chris Claremont and Marguerite Bennett, art by Todd Nauck. Nightcrawler is mourning Wolverine, who won’t actually die for another week, because he’s an inconsiderate prick who can’t even die without dragging it out. Anyway, Nightcrawler heads to the Danger Room to see him again, and go through their history together, starting with the fight against Krakoa, then Dark Phoenix’s sacrifice and Wolverine’s grief in the aftermath. Then the Mutant Massacre, where Nightcrawler was badly injured and rendered comatose. Then waking up on Muir Island to learn the X-Men had “died” against Adversary, and forming Excalibur. Then dying against Bastion, rescuing Hope. Then fighting free of Heaven. Then we see Wolverine and Nightcrawler walking down the street of Salem Centre, with Nightcrawler using an image inducer out of nervousness, until Wolverine smashes it. The people of Salem Centre were fine with him. Then Nightcrawler decides to honour Wolverine by creating a house to him, one that Wolverine would like, and filling it with his friends. This is just a flashback issue. It’s meant to tell us what kind of guy Wolverine was, what he meant to Nightcrawler, all that stuff. But meh. I’ve never liked Wolverine, so this didn’t end up having much of an impact on me. Nice art from Nauck, though.

Avengers and X-Men Axis #1, by Rick Remender and Adam Kubert. An Avengers team – Vision, Thor, Captain Sam, Wasp, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Sunfire – is in LA fighting giant plants that have overgrown the city and making bad jokes. It’s Plantman! Against a team that involves Iron Man, Thor, Vision and Sunfire! Cap tells Thor to chop up some vines to free buildings, but Thor refuses, and throws his axe at Cap. The whole team starts fighting. Red Onslaught is behind it, of course, manipulating their minds. Iron Man manages to block it out. Havok is dreaming he’s in bed with Wasp and his daughter, but Xavier’s corpse tells him to wake up, back in Genosha, with Red Onslaught fighting Magneto, Rogue and Wanda. Red Onslaught’s trying to take them all over. Magneto’s knocked through a wall by Havok, and finds Scott, Quire and Genesis chained up. Havok attacks Scott. Rogue fights against the Skull’s influence long enough to touch him, and absorbs a bit of Xavier, enough to free Wanda. The Avengers and X-Men show up to fight him, too. There’s a whole lot of back-up. But Skull, obviously, still has an ace in the hole. Otherwise, this would be a pretty short event. I won’t spoil the ending, but Remender’s definitely drawing from the original Onslaught story in a variety of ways. This start isn’t too bad, but we actually already know that the event follows Remender’s standard style of “everyone hates each other and splits apart before managing to unite at the end.” That’s every single team story Remender’s written at Marvel. Every single one. Still, there are some nice hope moments in this issue, which Remender has often struggled with, especially on UA. Kubert’s art is excellent. It always is. He’s an immensely talented artist. The book looks great. Dark without being oppressive.

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli. It starts 8 hours earlier, in a federal court in Manhattan, at a hearing for Typhoid Mary. The judge immediately releases her. Even the defence objects to that, but Mary just flips out of the court and gets into a car to do a job for the person who ordered her release. Then we go to the psychiatric hospital that Black Cat has been using for “recruitment” (brainwashing). She wants FBI, NSA and SHIELD slaves. Cat goes out and gets a briefing from Typhoid Mary and another guy, who say they saw the hacker killed, and think Hawkeye may have the information they want. At Hawkeye’s apartment, Kate finds him and Deadpool, then hits Deadpool with a coffee pot. Then she congratulates him on Freddie Krueger make-up. When Hawkeye says that’s his face, she gives Deadpool a grin and a thumbs-up, then gives Clint a “what the hell?” look. Clint tells her what happened earlier, and she says she’s sorry. While eating toffee. Clint and Deadpool head to the coroner’s to see if they’ve ID’ed the dead Punisher. Meanwhile, Kate watches the dead guy’s video, and thinks she recognizes where he’s filming from. At the mental hospital, Hawkguy and Deadpool fight crazy people. This is really fun. There’s some good jokes in here. Honestly, it makes me all the more certain that Duggan is primarily responsible for all the good stuff in the current Deadpool run, because Posehn isn’t involved with this comic, and the humour’s really strong here. Kate gets some good moments, of course, because she’s Kate and can’t help but be awesome. Her facial expressions after learning that Deadpool really is that ugly are hilarious. Lolli’s art is good. It’s fairly standard stuff, but there’s nothing wrong with that, and the fighting is done well. It’s enjoyable. This is a good mini so far.

That’s the X-titles. Now one more comic.

Rocket Raccoon #4, by Skottie Young. The evil raccoon claims to be Rocket’s brother, then laughs his ass off at Rocket’s face. He bribes Macho to leave, leaving just the two raccoons. And a tied-up Groot. Who then gets exploded. The bad raccoon taunts Rocket. But then it turns out to not be a raccoon at all. It’s a rabbit – Blackjack O’Hare! Blackjack was hired to kill the princess Rocket rescued at the start of the first issue, and has been planning revenge for three years over the damage his rep took for failing. Before they can kill each other, Rocket’s pissed-off exes crash the party. The princess who put it all together brings up a fair point: When a man gets wronged, he’s angry, and everyone cheers his rampage of revenge. When a woman is wronged, she’s “hurt.” Fight time! This is great. It’s so heavy and dramatic and then – crazy fight scene! The Mexican stand-off between Rocket and Blackjack is an amazing moment – the two aiming big guns at each other, and counting to three. So awesome. Then Rocket vs. the Federation of Angry Exes was a lot of fun. The art, all through, is cute and fun and great. This series is really enjoyable. I love it.

I may as well mention Amazing Spider-Man #7, by Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Giuseppe Camuncoli. A woman with blue skin, dressed in a variation on the original Ms. Marvel outfit (but with pants!), is committing crimes. Kamala learns about it, and goes to check it out. Anna Maria’s trying to teach Peter to give the authorities more trust, rather than rushing off at every emergency alert, but then he also learns about the fake Ms. Marvel. He gets there just in time to see the real Ms. Marvel put her giant foot down. In the back of a truck is a cocoon, like the one Kamala hatched from. The fake Ms. Marvel decks her, and Spider-Man catches her. She’s excited to be in a Spider-Man Team-Up. Also, we learn that Ms. Marvel ships Spider-Marvel. Kamala is adorable. I love her so, so much. They confront fake Ms. Marvel, who’s been using NuHumans to give herself some neat powers. Like growing into a giant monster. Team-Up! Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel! And she’s adorable and awesome! She really is. Ms. Marvel is so great. (On another note, the back-up story has Morlun kill Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Yep. Then Bora and Brix catch and kill Spider-Kitty. Poor Kitty! This story also shows that the Captain Britain Corps are aware of the Incursions, and looking for something to do about it. This was a minor complaint some people had about New Avengers. Now it’s been addressed, albeit in a different book.)


Edit: I added Nightcrawler #7, up above.

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  1. I’m still waiting until Axis is over before I touch it, but it’s encouraging to hear that it’s at least starting alright.

    X-Force 10, Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel 8 are all entertaining for at least somewhat similar reasons. They’re each weird in their own way, fun, and they each have at least one laugh out loud moment. They also all mix it up with one or two dramatic moments. These three comics, along with Death Vigil, really made this week worth it despite there being only 2 X-men comics.

    Nightcrawler is a good Wolverine memorial issue that also explores some of the X-Men history, but it’s kind of written for Wolverine fans more than anyone else.

  2. Hamburger Time permalink

    To the death of the Amazing Friends, someone noticed that the reality number given in the issue was different than the cartoon’s reality number. So this was an alternate universe OF an alternate universe in this issue.

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