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X-Men comics (October 22 2014)

October 22, 2014

Agents of SHIELD was good last night. Bobbi Morse! Woot! I had no idea Adrianne Palicki was so big. She is an imposing woman. It’s . . . it’s kind of a turn-on. Anyway, on to today’s comics.

X-Force #11, by Simon Spurrier and Rock-He Kim. X-Force is kicking some ass, while Hope reflects on how easily things break. Specifically, how broken X-Force is. And her heart is also broken – by Fantomex, who dumped her. She’s not dealing with it well, and she hacks his brain in the middle of the big fight. She finds out how close to utter insanity he is. (It’s also mentioned that the other two parts of him are missing. So Cluster and Weapon XIII are still out there.) She digs a little deeper, and finds that Cable already knew how crazy Fantomex is. During the fight, the bad guy unfortunately gets away. And Hope learns that Fantomex knows exactly who she is. And he’s even closer to the edge than it looked. Spurrier is doing fantastic work on this book. It’s crazy and dark and often really funny. There’s a lot of excellent characterization, and a really cool story. Kim’s art is also fantastic. It looks like digital painting or something, and it looks great. He does action really well, but he also does some great settings, some solid character work, but where he really excels is with creepy stuff. This is an awesome series, and I strongly recommend it, because it’s definitely worth reading.

All-New X-Factor #15, by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico. It starts with the president heading onto Air Force One in order to launch the nukes against Russia. The soldier carrying the Football stumbles and falls. On the plane, when the president opens it, it’s full of Conan comics. The president has the soldier arrested, then starts reading the comics. Gambit, of course, has the Football. Meanwhile, Polaris and Gambit are busy trying to keep DC in one piece. Lorna uses the reflecting pool to put out a fire in the Lincoln Memorial, and we also learn her middle name is Sally. Which makes her initials LSD. She figures that explains a lot. Gambit suddenly goes insane. Warlock rushes over to help, while Danger gets ready to beat up some soldiers. Cypher, Georgia and Luna stop a lynching. Luna almost gets shot by a couple cops, but Quicksilver saves her. Gambit is attacking Polaris, saying that after he kills her, he’s going to kill Quicksilver, then track down and kill Wanda. This is a pretty good issue. There’s a lot of action, so Di Giandomenico’s art isn’t as big a drawback as usual. He does action well enough. It’s expressions he’s no good at. PAD still manages to slip in plenty of clever dialogue, despite all the fighting and violence and stuff. So this is a solid issue. Good enough that I’ll pick up the next issue in the Axis tie-in.

Amazing X-Men #12, by Chris Yost and Kyle Craig, and Carlo Barberi. In the US, the Wendigos are loose. Northstar saves the little girl, but loses track of Aurora. In the Spirit Realm, Snowbird gets stepped on. Then Guardian gets eaten. Storm and Firestar are smacked to the ground, and Tanaraq is about to step on them, but Rockslide manages to save them for a few seconds. Outside the Realm, the X-Men are losing the fight. Nigthcrawler’s hurt, Sasquatch is losing control, and Wenderine stabs Colossus. Northstar and Aurora have both been bitten, and start to turn. In the Realm, Iceman frees Storm, Firestar and Rockslide. One of the Beasts tells Storm to free them, so they can stop Tanaraq, but Storm instead suggests he turn the X-Men into gods. Big time fight! Good finale, though I have to say, it does feel a bit rushed at some parts. One thing that I find a bit of a shame is that we don’t actually get confirmation that Talisman survived. I’m sure she did, it just would’ve been nice to get confirmation. We do know that everyone else survived. Guardian, Heather, Northstar and Aurora. Snowbird doesn’t get mentioned, either, but I’m sure she’s fine. With both Snowbird and Talisman, the vagueness means other writers can use them without explanation. Which is good. Overall, this arc was mostly OK. The first two issues were weak, the third and fourth were really cool, this one was in the middle. There was some humour in this issue, but it was toned down a bit, under the severity of the situation. Barberi’s art was good. A bit “house style” (not that Marvel really has a “house style” these days, but I’m sure you understand what I mean) but well-done.

Cyclops #6, by John Layman and Javier Garron. Corsair punches Scott and says he never should brought him onto his ship. Flashback to the start of the day. They’d finally reunited with the Starjammer. Good. I missed them. Anyway, they’re celebrating the reunion. Later, Scott tries to help Korvus with some routine maintenance, but has no idea what to do, so he damages the engine. Corsair grabs Scott to do some scavenging on an abandoned solar skimmer. Then it turns out they were waltzing right into an ambush, which they would’ve been able to avoid if Scott hadn’t screwed up again. They’re brought aboard the ambushing ship, and Corsair yells at Scott and attacks him, but not before giving him a quick wink. Good issue. We’ve got a new direction. Unfortunately, that direction once again involves getting rid of the Starjammers. Dammit. Layman’s writing is good, and Garron’s art is good.

Logan Legacy #2, by Tim Seeley and Ariela Kristantina. At the NXS, Laura is in the Danger Room. On the Ragnarok difficulty setting. She is not in a good mood. Warren wonders if he should talk to her. He pauses the Danger Room and tries to talk to her, saying he knows she’s hurt. She resumes it, and gets stabbed through the chest. Then she goes to pack. She doesn’t want to be comforted. She’s not sad. She’s angry. She feels betrayed by him. He said he’d always be there for her, but he turned out to be mortal, and he’s dead. She heads to Toronto, and a goth nightclub (The Perdition Room). A guy tries to offer her cash to go home with him. She declines, surprisingly politely. The club comes under attack, and Laura takes a bullet protecting the guy who tried to buy her. Then she pops her claws. She takes a lot of bullets, but stays up. Then a dance cage is dropped on her. Then another hero shows up. The Chinook, he calls himself. I actually had a long rant typed up for why it was stupid for a Toronto-based hero to name himself after an Alberta-based wind pattern, but it makes sense in a few more pages. Anyway, he kicks some ass, but then gets shot in the back. Laura almost kills the guy who did it, but Chinook stops her with a concussive air blast. Which he “hasn’t thought of a catchy name for” yet. He then asks her to leave with him. Seems the guys in the club, who call themselves the Happy Clams, are working for Pink Pearl. Old Alpha Flight villain! Woot! Not a major one, but still. Neat! Chinook describes her as “a fatter Canadian Kingpin” and “like Rob Ford in a muumuu.” I don’t think that one’s being fair. Rob Ford’s not a drug lord. He’s just a drunken crackhead who seems to have really poor impulse control. Also, turns out Chinook used to be the Alpha Flight member Windshear. He lost his powers on M-Day, and is now using fancy devices to fight crimes. Also, he has leukemia, and just came off chemo. He’s got a few months to live. He gives a speech about the bright colours meaning something, being more than he is. This is a really nice story. Seeley does a good job with Laura. He writes her well, and he writes Chinook really well. I’m always glad for some Canadian content, and for characters from Alpha Flight to show up. Even a Pink Pearl cameo! That was neat. Kristantina’s art is nice. It reminds me of Kris Anka’s style. It’s very pretty. Just a little bit of roughness to it that makes it just that little bit more pleasing. I’m hoping she gets more work at Marvel. She deserves it.

Axis #3, by Rick Remender and Leinel Yu. Deadpool is dragging Iron Man away from the fight, saying he’s not really “with” the bad guys. The bad guys, meanwhile, are making jokes as they get ready to fight the Skull. Doom and Loki engage in some fun little verbal sparring, and they, along with Magneto, destroy a Sentinel. Captain America shows up to challenge the Skull, but it’s just Mystique distracting him so the Enchantress can do her thing. That thing being making the Skull love her. But she gets distracted by a Sentinel being smashed, and he smacks her down. Meanwhile, Evan is helping Quire to protect the villains from the Skull’s telepathy. Unfortunately, Quire finally falls. This was another pretty good issue. The event hasn’t fallen apart yet. Things do get more tense at the end, and the “heroes split apart hating each other” portion of the story has begun. The thing that happens in every single team story Remender has written at Marvel. That also means the cynicism is seeping in more, which is disappointing. The Inversion happened in a fairly interesting way. Yu’s art is pretty good. The first third of the story is done, which means it’s all downhill from here. The rest of the event is going to be crap, if past events are any indication.

Deadpool #36, by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Mike Hawkthorne. Deadpool is dreaming about a nice dinner with Ellie, Ellie’s grandmother, and Preston and her family. He wakes up in the X-Men’s med-lab, after surgery, with Beast having taken some tissue to use to save Kim and the other Faux-Men. Evan is psychically projected to Deadpool, but Deadpool can’t hear him properly, so doesn’t know that Evan’s asking for help. He leaves the mansion, and sees rioting in the streets. He rescues a young mutant woman and takes her to Monster Town. He tells Shiklah he has to go check on Ellie, and she yells at him, and says that when he gets back, they’re going to have a serious talk. Michael the necromancer is protecting Ellie and Preston’s family from the hate wave, and Magneto comes to recruit him. This scene directly contradicts the one from Magneto’s solo comic a couple weeks ago. Eh, whatever. Then weird stuff happens. Another good issue, but not a great one. I still don’t like Hawthorne’s art, but it’s not as big a turn-off as usual. I may be getting used to it. Still, I really want a more conventional artist on this book. Ooh! Get Kristantina on it! That’d be awesome. This issue has some OK humour, an OK story, some OK drama. It’s OK, but not really anything outstanding. Meh.

That’s the X-titles. And I actually have no non-X-titles to review this week! Woot!

I do want to say “shame on you” for anyone not following All-New Ghost Rider. This series is awesome, and it just keeps getting better. Buy it! Buy it! It’s great!

Also, Kamala remains adorable in Amazing Spider-Man. She gets excited to do a slingshot move with Spider-Man. One that Captain Marvel did with him four times. I love Kamala.

I also want to say how fucking amazing The Wicked + The Divine is. If you haven’t been picking it up in floppies, then pick up the trade next month. It’s so damned good.


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  1. Three good issues of Axis though? That’s better than Infinity. I’m still waiting for the even to end before i read much of it.

    It really felt like Tim Seeley did his research on Laura. Her voice sounded right for the most part, yet she carried much of the character development she got during both Bendis’s run (so far) and her solo series. She showed a bit of irrational behavior out of anger, which has been shown before. It was a nice story with a touching ending – I’m satisfied. Seeley is usually good though, so I’m not surprised.

    Amazing X-Men was kind of fun, but nothing really special. Hopefully Kyle/Yost find their groove for the next story arc because when they get into the groove, they’re very good X-Men writers.

    X-Factor is a perfect example that, even though Peter David doesn’t like events that much, he’s very good at writing tie-ins. He truly is among Marvel’s best writers of all time.

    Even though I’ve enjoyed Cyclops so far, I might be dropping it after the Black Vortex crossover. It depends on how the new writer turns out. But since I’m already reading every book in the crossover save for Nova, I might as well pick up the whole thing. Let’s see if Sam Humphries can pull off leading a big crossover.

  2. Hamburger Time permalink

    I concur with the above about not writing off AXIS just yet. Another trend is that the “secondary” event of the year tends to be better than the “primary” one. Annihilation, anyone?

  3. G'kar permalink

    Three issues into Axis and the whole thing so far has been subpar so far, the best thing I can say about it is not as bad as Age of Ultron. Unless the writing improves it may end up that bad.

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